The Coronavirus is not an excuse for you to be racist!

the Coronavirus

We live in a time where everybody wants to be a better person, live in a better, peaceful world. But how could that be possible when you are still a racist, even in crisis situations? We all know how many wars have started because of racism. Do we really want to go down on that path again? Why can’t we simply be decent humans? The Coronavirus has started a worldwide panic. Everybody has heard of this virus that can be deadly if you don’t take care of yourself and allow yourself to be filled with panic.

A large number of Chinese people have been disrespected and outcasted in the whole world ever since this mysterious virus started spreading.

The fear started controlling everyone – prime ministers, celebrities and presidents have decided to isolate themselves from the outside world, cancel their shows because of the COVID-19 but for not one second did they offend other nationalities.

Sometimes we forget how to be human. We forget to be kind and help those in need around us. Instead, we keep blaming them, throwing hate towards them, as if they’re at fault.

Because we are so afraid of the Coronavirus, we stagnate in being ignorant and we accuse the innocent.

Yes, we all know that the virus has originated from the city of Wuhan, in China. But what is important is that the Chinese are not responsible for it. There is a large probability that this virus has been developed in a lab, so as I said, the Chinese citizens have nothing to do with it. Their only mistake was that they were born in the wrong place, so stop being a racist.

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There’s a hypothesis that says the Coronavirus could’ve been created in a lab. Here is all the information you need.

Even the largest, most imposing and well-known countries of the world have reached the extreme. In Italy, two tourists have encountered verbal aggression coming from racist individuals. People who think they are superior because they live in a certain country: “You are disgusting! Go to your home country if you want to cough! You are infecting all of us and I am sick of you!”.

Italian parliamentarians held a press release in which they showed their sympathy for Chinese tourists. They urged the general public not to resort to these insults or even extreme gestures: “It is understandable that our fears increase in times like this. However, we must remember that in our collective efforts, cohesion is important.
We need to learn from the experience we had with SARS when people in Southeast Asia had to deal with significant discrimination and racism. Racism, discrimination and stigmatizing language are unacceptable and very traumatic. Such actions divide the world in Us vs. Them. Canada is a country that its citizens built on solid values ​​like respect, diversity, and inclusion.”

Other cases of racism have existed in almost every country affected by Coronavirus, even in America.

The country with a large number of immigrants has come to blame the Chinese. They claimed that “every disease that came up came from China.” They ridiculed and they did not consider China as being important to humanity.

If you have not been amazed by the wickedness of other countries, you will notice that the Romanians also treated the young people of the world with malice. Just because they did not look the same, why not be racist with a poor young man? “They rushed him, pushed him and spit on the him, and then took him out of the vehicle. He was a boy of Asian origin, who was thrown out of the subway station”, this being the confession of a witness.

It is constantly forgotten that we are all the same, even if the skin color is different.

Do you think you’re more important than a man in Africa, China or America? Well, you’re not. You are a simple human being, just like everyone else. So, stop attacking other people just because they look different from you. Stop being hypocritical and learn that if you want to be racist, you will become the one rejected by society.


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