The coronavirus heals! The first case in China!


The coronavirus heals! Coronavirus can be healed, the first such case being in China. Shanghai Municipal Hospital says a 54-year-old patient named “Chen” has been the first healed since the epidemic began. The woman announced symptoms related to the virus on January 10, and was admitted on 12 January. After two weeks of different treatment, she was discharged.

According to the “Express” press, the “miracle cure”, Nafildavir, which is sometimes used in the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the one used in Chen’s treatment tests. After the virus spread from China to Europe, the first cases to appear in France, 5 cities were quarantined and more than 35 million inhabitants were isolated in homes.

The virus has taken 56 lives so far and the number of those infected increases at alarming rates. Emergency hospitals and quarantine centers are built day by day in China. The Beijing government on Sunday declared the use of HIV drugs to treat Coronavirus, Ritonavir, and Litonavir, in addition to Nafildavir.

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause colds to more serious diseases of the respiratory system, which can be lethal. The virus that scares the world is actually a new branch of the coronavirus, called nCoV, never found in humans until now.

A case of healing has also been announced for a 46-year-old man named Yang who had symptoms similar to Chen. The man was released from Zhejiang province hospital but is being kept under observation.


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