The contemporary family


A family may be a miracle, a treasure, a coincidence or who knows what else.It depends on everybody’s perspective, on the experiences one lived throughout time or maybe just on feelings that lead to the most radical decisions. Without sentiments we can’t feel, we can’t live, we would remain neutral in a struggling world.

Struggle created because of fear, of a full daily routine, lack of time and many more factors. For me, a family is a life. I don’t know what I’ll say decades from now, but today I stand by the fact and believe that family represents life. Something that’s still alive and has the power of change.

In a family there won’t be only happy moments

Diverse problems or shortages that are time and resource consuming could appear. They banish peace and cloud people’s eyes, making them unhappy with what they have. They have somethings that others wish for or can’t even afford to do so. Sadness can be everything for someone, but it means close to nothing. Only thoughts wrapped in the darkness that brings panic and terror when the question: “ How could a beautiful life be?” appears. Sometimes grief is gaining momentum from the simple fact that people offer it time. It’s inevitably real the way in which we make time for our problems, but we don’t have time to be happy, we’re busy with drowning our time in sorrow.

Many times I thought how would it be if we could resuscitate time

If we didn’t let it die that easily, I think it would be necessary to perform first aid on it. Being and unconsciously going away, time should be put in a safe position so it’s breathing ways can’t be obscured. I’d prefer to resuscitate it until my power runs out, maybe a cardiac massage would be a  solution. In case this doesn’t work either, I wouldn’t give in until I administered it an electric shock, I wouldn’t give up because it has the right to existence. Us humans should be our own saviors, time’s saviors and not only that.

My patient, time, is the bond between us and what family means in today’s time

Also what it meant in the past. Maybe the family has power? Is there hope in what family means? It exists! It exists in united families, in families that want to live in a warm environment. Personally, I don’t know an institution or anything else that offers assurance and emotional support, responsibility, respect, honesty, and politeness without expecting something in return.

Nothing is unconditional on this day anymore!

The family lost a lot of its social institution characteristics, couples being more interested and preoccupied with satisfying their personal interests rather than fulfilling the functions that society attributed family as an ensemble. The accelerated rhythm of changes from contemporary society is leaving its mark, making a definitive option or maintaining a long term relationship even more difficult.

In the context of an accentuated social mobility, individuals modify their decisions enormously.

Their workplace, their specialization, friends and, sometimes, even their religion. In these conditions, long term compatibility between partners that should become a family is almost impossible. Countless times familial problems are really just the result of problems every society has. The tensions between individual values and those from our society create personal and familial conflicts. However, through work and dedication, loving and respecting one another, no barrier won’t stand against our relationship and nothing will stop us from having a family.

It’s a recipe that not only resulted in a successful family but also in a functional society.

It’s one of the most important values that children need to learn. Through these values, the most precious family appears, one based on faith. Of course, there can also be fights in a faithful family because we’re helpless. We lose lucidity being lead by the inertia of unpleasant moments, but everyone tries to change. I consider that it’s a good opportunity to set a good fresh start to redemption and to the love story between them. Communication solves many problems and leads to the creation of healthy relationships, free of misunderstandings and negative emotions.

We must teach our little ones to communicate the problems that they encounter to gain the little train of values.

Understanding- Sensibility- Empathy, inner harmony, money, the quality of the things they do, love, affection, peace, power, self-respect, safety, spirituality, intellectual status, beauty, knowing yourself, happiness, the quality of relationships, knowledge, loyalty, honor, friendship, competence, gratitude, education, liberty, professional growth, well-being, calm, personal growth, independence, truth, peace of mind, and the list goes on.

The family has to make the little one a good man, in such a way that in the future he would have the strength to lead a beautiful life.

Only through gifts inherited from parents, from generation to generation. Can one get to the supreme qualities and values that are hard to achieve today. Resources exist, but there is little will and many times the intention, even if it’s insignificantly little, of trying to become understanding, sensitive to other’s needs and hardships is a characteristic of a noble personality. In this society you don’t have the possibility of staying isolated. You must be receptive to the problems of those around you.

If you want to know more about the importance of educating little kid, you may want to read this article!

Egocentrism or egoism doesn’t come with anything good.

We must be conscious, us, this present’s generation so we could teach a child how to give gifts from what he owns. Does tolerance still exist? People are different, all of them, and it’s good to be this way. We look different, we react differently and we’re differentiated by preferences. We grow and, with the passing of time, we manifest in different societies and cultures, and our behavior is influenced by them. Generosity, tolerance, and sincerity in a family make up the most precious values. They all have the capacity of brightening the mind and soul of every member of the family so they can take care of the priorities that target them directly and also indirectly.

Author: Bontas Gina



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