“The bride without a wedding”: a brilliant book of poetry

I love poetry, but I’ve never had a chance to read some poetic creations from our century. Nevertheless, I had this opportunity to receive a book with some amazing poems, which delighted me, and I hope that the author will impress you with her poetry as well.

The bride without a wedding – description

"The bride without a wedding": a brilliant book of poetry

The bride without a wedding is a Romanian poetry book written by Nicoleta Stăvărache and published in 2019. The title shows one of the most beautiful and sentimental poems that appear in her collection of love poetry. This book contains poems that may sound sad at first reading, but once you try to understand them, you will notice the author’s intention to give the reader a hidden positivity about life.

The author uses the free verse technique, but the verses still have a final rhyme that gives her poems a fine, light musicality. The poems aren’t long, and yet they convey many emotions and meanings through the multitude of stylistic devices.

Metaphors that replace elements of love, dream, loneliness, personifications that beautify these elements and offer a certain aesthetic value, and similes that turn boring reality into an artistic masterpiece, all these figures of speech combined to give the poems a sincere and lyrical elegance.

Most of her masterpieces have love as their main subject, in different poses (whether they are bad or good), which, in the end, end up conveying a positive idea. Thanks to the themes with a strong sentimental effect, the book can surprise many readers and also make them reflect on their lives.

This poetry book is perfect for readers who have a passion for love poems, but I wholeheartedly recommend it to all people who want to discover the beneficial effects of events that happen in their lives. For me personally, this book has changed my perspective on life and I hope it can help you understand life more easily.



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