The biggest lie: opposites attract. Such a myth, can you believe?


No, opposites do not attract. It’s a myth strengthen by the society, they don’t attract each other. To connect with someone and to be attracted by them, you need to have things in common. Let me tell you the difference between these two things: to complete each other and to be completely different.


To complete each other is far away from being different. If you are an introvert and the other person is an extrovert, you’d complete each other. You’ll end up helping each other to be the best version of you. It’s not the same thing as being opposites. If one is an impulsive person and the other is more calculated, calmer and has more patience, the impulsive one became calm as well.

It takes time, indeed, but this is how you help an impulsive person, being patient and calculated. They lose their mind, their temper and if the other one is the same it’s not going to end well. Again, it’s not the same idea with being different and opposites. A “bad boy” and a “good girl” together is such a cliché, we are not in a movie and this is not going to work. Try to learn this difference: being different and being completed.


Even if the partners match and they have things on common, ending in an argument and arguing is unavoidable. Think about a couple. One may the “the funny one” because he or she may tends to joke more. It’s obviously that the other one is “the serious one” and this just because the society made these differences and put these boundaries. There are some situations when similarity is the key for attraction. We need to grow, to know ourselves well because in a relationship we tend to imitate each other’s behavior, we assimilate their qualities. In real life, couples tend to disagree with each other attitudes, behavior and end up compromising. But how come? They become more and more similar over time.

It’s all about self-expansion. We feel the need to grow and expand ourselves and the whole point of a relationship is that we can assimilate each other’s qualities and attitudes. This is how we think we grow. We are more attracted to those who offer us this thing, who has the potential, who gives as the assurance that we can grow with them. Indeed, dissimilarity may be attractive. It may delight you at first, but when we think of the couples’ behavior in real life, it’s not that magical. As we said before, “the funny one” is way too far from “the serious one”. It’s about balance, so think well before you put yourself into this position with someone who is your opposite.


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