The “best” 5 reasons why you should never do your best!


“You should always try your best!” I’ve heard this phrase countless times. And I’ve every single time I thought to myself: is it worth it? In the recent years I’ve realized that trying or doing your best will never be worth it. And you’d think: “that means you are just a couch potato”. I’m not saying you should never do anything. Allow me to explain you why do I strongly disapprove of this idea of doing your best.

It consumes you, making you tired and sour

I’m talking from my own damn experience. Up until three or four years ago I’ve always tried to do my best in almost anything: my grades, my work, my relationships with “friends”, everything. And I’ve found myself disappointed so many times. I was working day and night, not wanting to give up, to fail and disappoint myself. However, it was never enough. I wanted more and I’d stress myself out whenever my efforts failed. There was no joy or confidence in knowing that I did my best. Only sourness, as my competitive spirit increased to unhealthy levels.


You set an invisible barrier doing your “best”

Many people, whenever they failed something, they would tell themselves: it’s okay, I’ve did my best, it is what it is. Maybe, for some of you it doesn’t sound weird, but for me, now, this concept is really strange. You’ll never be THE best, you should never try your best. Instead, think of improving yourself gradually. You’ll be better, you will do better. And “better” has many meanings, no deadline and no boundaries. Any step forward, no matter how tiny or big it is, is a sign of you improving. And DO NOT compare your progress with other people’s progress. Instead, cooperate, relax and work on small steps.

The chance of being disappointed grows bigger and bigger

Let’s imagine you worked your butt off for a big exam. You haven’t slept, ate or relaxed properly at all. After all, you did your best, am I right? And the next day you see the result: you failed, you didn’t get a good enough grade. It’s as if all your time, effort and mental (to an extent, even physical) health are thrown directly into the garbage bin. You wonder why, how, in what world could this happen after everything you did?! What if instead of doing your best, you did better than last time? Even when you fail, there is always room for improvement. It’s not the end of the world, cheer up!

Success might come sooner when you are doing “better”! 

Everyone has a different definition of success. For me it’s earning money from what I like to do, being financially secure, happy and healthy. And for the longest time I couldn’t achieve not even a small step to my success. That’s because I was giving my best. I was overworking, stressed and still not feeling fulfilled. I was insecure because my “best” wasn’t THE best and couldn’t start earning money from drawing.



And then, after some time of doing “better” instead of my “best” I’ve finally started earning money, a few months ago. And to my surprise, things are looking much better than I would have imagined. I wasn’t aiming for the best, instead, I took baby steps, relaxed and realized that failure is a part of the learning process. And nowadays I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m closer to my goal. It’s worth giving it a shot, so would you try out this method?

You will learn more

As I’ve mentioned earlier, doing this rises up a barrier in your way of improving. There are two scenarios: you’ll either become overconfident or you’ll give up because you gave everything you had in one go. You’ll improve if you put effort, time and passion in a smaller quantity over a longer period of time. And you’ll be learning something new every time you get to a new step. And since “better” has no limits, you could be discovering and learning your entire life! After all, we are humans. We do things, we fail, and then we try again till we succeed.

So, don’t sweat it out! Improvement will surely come after you put a dose of effort, passion and dedication in a larger time period. Focus on yourself, on your loved ones, on balancing work and relaxing time and never try your best! Instead, always aim for the better!


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