The benefits of exercising & the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle

benefits of exercising

Studies showed that exercising can help with mood swings, can decrease feelings of depression and anxiety, and reduce stress. Somehow, exercise increases the production of endorphins, which helps to relieve feelings of happiness in your body. So, here I’ll share with you an exercise-combined program that will improve both your physical and mental health. The benefits of exercising are numerous!


  • A glass of lemon water

The benefits of exercising & the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle

To start your day at full power, you should drink a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning, before you eat. First, the taste of the lemon is sour, which helps your brain to wake up faster and more easily.

Second, it is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can uniformize the skin pigmentation and it is good for skin elasticity. It can also slow down the process of aging – which means fewer wrinkles. Moreover, it can reduce blood pressure and lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. It is also known that vitamin C is a very easy-to-use medicine to prevent a cold or to get rid of one. Most parents give their children fresh orange juice just because it contains vitamin C and is sweeter than lemonade.

Third – it helps with digestions. And here are two things: one, lemon water prevents constipation and allows you to digest food easily; two, which is a `next step` from one – it helps you reduce weight gain, implicitly, obesity.

So… if we are done with this step, let’s get to the next one.

  • A morning walk

As a former dancer, I always feel the need to move around, do something, stretch my body. In order to accomplish this, I walk 2 km every morning; almost. Sometimes I walk around the house, sometimes I go for a run, sometimes I do this on a stepper at home. It is not very important how you do it once you start doing it. Personally, this gives me a good start in the morning as it makes me feel productive, that I already did something even if I just woke up. Starting your day like this may help increase your self-esteem as you are taking care of yourself. You are keeping those joints healthy, and you prevent yourself from becoming sedentary. Your future self will thank you later!

  • Afternoon routine

Here are two ways to manage exercising: stretching-meditation and gym-dancing.

    • Stretching

The benefits of exercising & the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle

So for the stretching part, I suggest putting on some Chinese traditional music and you are good to go. I’ll let you know some of my favorite songs to work out on them: Lotus Out of Water, The Fisherman’s Song at Dusk, Liu Yang River, and Isa and Runaljod – which is some Nordic Folk music.

Begin with 2-3 grand-plies and sit in there for 20 seconds. After that raise your hands and do backward circles. This way, you are working your whole muscles and you don’t go too harsh from the beginning. Then go on your back, sit, and do some stretching over your legs. Stay there for a few seconds and repeat. To fulfill this, go on your tummy and use your hands to push your upper body to the cobra position. You can do whatever else you feel like but slow – so your muscles are working but also your mind is giving you some time for yourself. You can end with the triangle position or add something else. I prefer doing all of this outside, in the grass, surrounded by flowers and trees as it helps more with reconnecting with myself. There’s nothing that can disturb me when I am in a place so fresh and peaceful.

    • Dancing

If you are a hyperactive person, this is great for you. It can help you get rid of all the bad feelings and shake the stress off of your body; then, you can play some of your favorite songs and start jumping around. This playlist should have something that empowers you and makes you feel like a badass, like you are on top of the world. Personally, I would go with Raise your glass by P!nk, Bitch I’m Madonna by Madonna and Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy. If you don’t find any of those attractive, find something more suitable for you. BUT the best cardio ever is anything on Irish music – even better if you know some moves from Irish folk dances.

You’ll thank me later for those facts on the benefits of exercising and the tricks on working out. Remember, you are not keeping fit for the rest of the world, you are doing it for yourself and for your own body and soul’s positivity. And if you need more inspiration, have a look at Adele’s makeover!


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