The Antivax campaign – a crime or a choice?

fight against vaccines

By scrolling on Facebook these days, I’ve seen a growth in the numbers of groups that fight against vaccines.

I mean, come on… are we going back to the Middle Ages?

The things that are happening these days in society are unbelievable. You’d think that the right of free speech is a more abstract notion, and more permissive ( it is not) with such people.

We’ll start with a little history, but very well documented. If you vaccinate yourself, a relative or your children after reading the following things (real and verifiable), then, congratulations! You’re contributing to the well being of those around you. Let’s see why:

The first vaccine, the one against smallpox, appears in 1796. It was synthesized by Edward Jenner, a British doctor.

Even after its famous discovery, it was documented that in its last century of existence, smallpox killed 500 million people. As comparison, this means 1/16 of the current world population, 6.25% to be more precise. It’s huge.

Do you know what happened after the vaccine’s invention? The disease disappeared.

Yes! In 1980, the World Health Organisation declared that smallpox doesn’t spread by organic transmission between individuals anymore. And, they say it is “eradicated”. Until now, 2020, an extraordinary number of diseases have been eradicated or reduced to isolated cases. Like polio, tetanus, measles, etc.

Now we get to the unpleasant part. Vaccines don’t cause autism, neither the disease that they treat.

An anti smallpox vaccine won’t infect you with smallpox. If you develop the disease after getting vaccinated, then the virus already existed in your body in a latent state and it activated in a natural way. Also, if you get sick because of a disease you already were vaccinated for, then you took it from an unvaccinated person because the virus evolved in their body and mutated becoming immune the vaccine.

Where does this fear come from?

In 1998 (very recently), a former British doctor named Andrew Jeremy Wakefield published a research claiming that there was a link between the smallpox, mumps and measles vaccines and the appearance of autism and the intestine disease.

Other researchers tried to repeat Wakefield’s experiments, but they couldn’t achieve his results. An investigation started. And it has been found that everything was a fraud. To reiterate, the fact that vaccines might have adverse effects was proven completely false.

The damage he made can still be felt… the fight against vaccines is only getting bigger.

The World Health Organisation considers the “Anti-vax” movement as “one of the biggest threats to global health”. This is extremely bad. It’s not a surprise, that after two World Wars, humanity is destroying itself for free. Now, the fight is on an informational level.

The most worrying part is that the previously mentioned diseases are back.

We’re facing the danger of a pandemic, but we are whinnying about the autism risk. And then, we don’t think about those poor people that actually suffer from it.

If you’re so afraid that your child will develop a form of autism, you are actually marginalizing the people that suffer from this cruel disease. Then we see ourselves as great supporters and inclusive people, right?

You should be ashamed of mocking these people who actually need help. Just from the fact that you’re treating them like something to be afraid of. At least if we wouldn’t be hypocrites…

Being uninformed is, in fact, the greatest current danger for humanity. And, if the youth fights against misinformation, people accuse them manipulation.

And everything happens because of money. Not for the sake of the citizen’s health. Those who present different kinds of “alternative treatments” are after your money. Not the governments and companies that produce vaccines. So, please, vaccinate yourself, especially during the flu and hepatitis seasons. Not everything is about you.

By immunizing yourself, you protect those around you. So, set the lies aside and give up on the fight against vaccines. Act for the good of humanity, not for your individual fear.

Don’t be criminals! Fear kills.

If you want to read more about freedom of choice, you might want to check this article out.


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