Impossibility: 5 amazing examples of hidden possibilities

Impossibility often makes us feel stuck and think there is no solution for a certain problem or no escape from a restrictive situation – during those moments, our minds go rambling on about the multiple ways in which the certain situation could go wrong. But today I will talk to you about the importance of such moments because it is when we feel most at loss that we find stunning things about ourselves.

The pressure of not knowing                        

We all know how it feels to have to make a decision and not to know which is the best variant – especially people like me, who are about to graduate and have to decide what they wanna become afterward. Naturally, I have no clue  – but I believe that is, in fact, the best part!

Why is that? Because I can literally do ANYTHING I want to. If I want to become a painter, a poet, a writer, or anything of such sort, I can totally do it – and so do you! I believe we, people, don’t appreciate enough the amazing fact of not knowing! Perhaps this is an effect of the capitalist doctrine that guides us nowadays, but we need to remember ourselves and the others constantly that not knowing is, in fact, one of the steps towards evolution! I strongly believe that this is one of the signs that our life is about to change fundamentally, is about to become amazing!


Well, the example of Archimedes comes to my mind – I know, that gentleman lived a thousand years ago and his life had nothing of the contemporary issues, but bear with me! Before discovering the principle that is named after him, Archimedes was stuck! He had no idea how to unlock his life and make everything happen – but, with patience and perseverance, the life itself revealed. And, at that time, he said the famous “Evrika!”.

Impossibility is a blessing in disguise

Although it may seem as feeling stuck could indicate losing time or energy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that! We often need time to reassess and regroup, think about our lives and what we want to do without the amount of enormous pressure that surrounds us. I know, sometimes there are few ways by means of which we can actually detach, but taking time to go through all the opportunities might be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

Your childhood guards the secret

There are psychological studies which recommend us to return to our childhood in order to figure out what is our best career choice – often, we have been surrounded by our favourite hobbies ever since we were kids. For instance, I confess I’ve had issues deciding what university to attend, but after analyzing my childhood hobbies, I instantly realized I had to do something with literature! There was no way I could fulfill my dreams without embedding the beautiful and inspiring words of authors such as Shakespeare, Hesse, and Dickinson.

It’s ok not to know

If no one has told you that lately, it is perfectly fine to have no idea what you want to do with your life! Human beings are so complex that is unlikely for each of us to find a job that would fit us for the rest of our lives. I know, the thought is reassuring, but I’m just stating the obvious! Embrace the impossibility and it will reveal you amazing things!

So take it easy, breathe in and try finding daily things that bring you joy! And never forget that the mysterious force of the universe will find a way to bring you close to every opportunity fashioned for you! More than that, the future won’t move, it will stay put and wait for the moment you are ready to use your potential properly!



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