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Today, more and more people reject the idea of a supreme being that has power over our lives. A deity that, supposedly, decides if we’ll plunge headfirst into the abyss, or if we’ll radiate in heaven as beacons of angelic light. However, deep inside our hearts, each and everyone fantasizes about a glorious destiny in life. It’s easier if we don’t achieve it alone. So, regardless if you believe in a god or not, the feeling that some grander entity guides your every step and guards you from danger, that makes sure you’ll always rise from the ashes, that feeling will give you power. Therefore, let’s take a plunge into our soul and X-ray our life. That is where you’ll find God.

God is an idea, it’s a message, a feeling, an object, a text, or perhaps that droplet falling on your windowsill and producing a beautiful sound.

Let’s back away from that portrait of a grumpy bearded person who sits high in the sky and judges people on Earth. We’re the masters of our destiny, and nothing will ever stop you from pursuing your dream. And yes, I am a religious person, but my purpose isn’t to convert people to anything. I merely want to make you shake hands like a friend with your heart, and let your eyes see beyond the disappointments of life. If you desire to live your life in the best way you can, you’ll need to have good habits, you’ll need to pursue relevant goals, but you’ll equally need to have your spirit in the right place. And this last aspect will be addressed here.

To start, we should see the negative things in our lives in a different light.

Yes, they’re bad, awful, heart-wrenching. Sometimes, they merely prepare something good that will follow, but most of the time, we’ll feel like frozen water is poured right over our naked husk. Let’s take the example of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Many parts of the world are paralyzed. We can’t do things that were part of the normal a few weeks ago, our reality has been turned upside down and we see just how fragile we are in fact.
Then again, plant the seed of hope in you. I’ve seen Italians sing on balconies, I’ve seen intervention crews drive to the scene fully dressed in hazmat suits, singing and dancing to the Ghostbusters theme. Life is built on hope, society is built on hope. Just imagine the day when the lasts cases of this (or other) disease will be contained, and people will go back on the streets. When that happens, I want you to observe how happy people will be seeing each other again, enjoying a cup of coffee in the sidewalk restaurant, when everyone will kiss, shake hands, and hug each other again, fearlessly, ferociously. Every disappointment, every evil, everything that happened will be if only for a few minutes, replaced by the ultimate happiness. I can only imagine the joy that will echo from all the continents, and that is where you’ll find God.

Remember those days when you’re down? For some, they’re now and then, but for some people (like me), they’re almost every day.

You just feel like you’re a sponge that absorbs every single negative thing that happens. Someone close to you insulted you (even if they don’t realize), one of your projects got rejected, one of your household machines broke, your best friend isn’t in a talking mood. She/he doesn’t ever text if you don’t, or maybe you’re sick. The causes may vary, but the result is the same: “I feel like my existence is useless, I feel like I’m destined to suffer. Why can’t I just be happy and move on?” Guess what, I’m feeling like that too. It’s a lifelong struggle to reach a point where you can deflect sadness like a Samurai deflects blows. Until then, just look in front of you.

When you’ll feel like you’re down in Tartarus, the deepest pits of the Greek hell, something will happen.

Out of a sudden, your cat will start showing you affection, something that it doesn’t normally do, your guinea pig will rest its little snout on your chest, a random bird will chirp at your window, or your dog will give you a good lick. Your mom comes home telling you she bought a slice of pizza. An online friend calls you to play some games. You see that one of your potted flowers prepares to bloom. An unexpected person texts you a totally unexpected message, but, for some reason, the message is exactly what you needed. And now, you’re back on your feet. You start feeling like a fresh power seeps back into your blood vessels, you feel a tingle. A spark of joy lights up the passion in your heart. An otherworldly feeling visits you, but just for a second, then disappears as quickly as it had come. For a second there, you find God.

Lastly, just look for around for a second.

It might sound like some hippie gibberish, but you know, we were once hunter-gatherers. We were once deeply connected with nature, and it isn’t any different now. We just forgot how to see nature’s beauty. Take a few seconds to look around you. I was blessed with living in an apartment that overlooks a garden with different types of trees. Birds love landing on the branches, cleaning their feathers, chirping, mating, chilling. Right now, the trees are without leaves, but somehow, I feel like they are vibrating with energy, just waiting to show to the world their green prowess. Again, I think that’s where you find God.

If God exists, then I think it’s manifesting in every single way possible. You know, our ancestors, whom we consider primitive, I think had a better way of seeing things. They attributed a god to every phenomenon, so they understood what we are trying to rediscover today. You don’t need to worship trees and bees, but just let yourself stolen away by all the little wonderful things that this world contains. When you get the chance, look at how pigeons hop around with their tiny legs, look at how the flame of a candle dances harmoniously in the wind of your breath. Look at how every plant fights to always grow. Look at the motion old people make when walking with their cane: cane-foot-foot; cane-foot-foot; cane… foot… foot, it’s almost like a hypnotizing act. Look at how words align on this page, listen to how people use their vocal cords and produce articulated words.

Don’t ever be afraid of feeling the fabric of this world, and that’s where you’ll find God.

And with this newfound courage, walk forward with the celestial energy that made shelter in you ever since you were born.
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