Teenagers – 3 seriously difficult obstacles we have to face


Something everybody tells you when you are a teenager is that these are the best years of your life. That you will fall in love, go to many parties and have a lot of friends who will adore you completely. But what about those who have never experienced love? What about introverts that are too shy to say “Hi!” first?

Family life

Most of today’s teenagers don’t have a healthy relationship with their parents and are struggling to contain their own emotions because they have nobody to talk to. At least half of our parents got married because they had to get married at a certain age or they were forced by their own parents. Very few of them got married just because they were truly in love.

We should feel safe and loved in our families, not neglected and misunderstood. We should confide in our parents, not hide from them. This is a real-time problem some parents don’t even take into consideration. Their child could suffer from anxiety or even depression and they won’t even suspect a thing. 

As always, communication is key. Too bad, not many families do that. Many parents would rather sweep their own traumas and insecurities under the carpet and then project them unconsciously onto their children.

Choosing a career as a teenager

Many teenagers strive to choose a career and pursue their dreams without any help. Because of the lack of support from their parents, some teenagers give up on their dreams and grow up to be as ignorant as them. As a result, every parent should take the time to help their child in making a career decision. Any advice is always appreciated. Every teenager wants help from their family and not from strangers (therapists, counselors etc.).

Mental health

Depression, anxiety, social anxiety and suicidal thoughts are serious problems and should not be taboo subjects. No teenager should consider them normal. That should be a greater worry to a parent than a mediocre mark.

A mental illness is worse than a physical condition. You can practically beat any disease by having a strong mentality and a positive mindset. It takes more time to beat a mental illness than it takes a conversation in the family.


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