A cup of tea benefits: homemade reflection and connection


A cup of tea can be a shortcut to happiness. My life before discovering the wonders of tea was extremely boring, cold, and unflavoured. Since last year, a cup of tea has become a favorite moment of the day. Being an introvert, I often need the urge to spend time alone and focus on the major things that happened to me throughout the day. I will share with you why I consider that you should try to discover the art of tea.

 1. A cup of tea is a perfect way to end your day

At the end of a hard and long day, we all need a second to pause and to process all the emotions we have had throughout the day. Allow yourself to sink into the peacefulness and the warmth of a fruit cup of tea. There is nothing like the warmth of a small cup of tea in my tiny and tired hands. This process is not only for disconnecting yourself from the quotidian experiences but for connecting with yourself. The feeling of the magical liquid going down your throat helps you be conscious of your physical sensations and decreases anxiety.



2. It’s a great way to socialize

Only if you knew how many friendships tea has facilitated. Tea is a lovely habit and not everyone has a taste for it. The moment you meet someone that appreciates the art of tea as much as you do is the moment you instantly feel the sparkle. Tea is a wide topic and besides someone’s preferences, we relate the reasons behind it.


3. Healthy habit

Besides the advantages of reflection and connection, tea has many other things to offer. For example, tea is a pleasant way to hydrate your body. Drinking tea reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Also, green tea is a better way to intake caffeine than drinking coffee.


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