Sustainability: how can we easily educate our children

How can we make children aware of the importance of environmental sustainability? How can you possibly say to a child that our planet is dying? How can you explain to them they can’t eat that chocolate bar because it’s wrapped in plastic? 
These are issues that most parents struggle to communicate with their kids without scaring them or making them feel bad. So, how can we cautiously teach them about the necessity of this lifestyle?

Take them to the grocery store


Taking your kids grocery shopping is the first step to get them acquainted with the term eco-friendly products. Before stopping by the store make sure they know why these products are different from the regular ones and how to recognize them. So, next time when you run by the story, let your kiddos lend you a hand. Make a fun game out of it. Ask them to be your shopping assistants so they can help you out in choosing waste-free products.

Introduce them to the vegan lifestyle


You don’t necessarily have to raise your children vegan. It’s enough to educate them on this topic and let them know about the positive impact veganism has on our planet. Once they understand the contribution of this lifestyle to environmental sustainability, try to implement more vegan recipes in their diet. However, don’t limit their food choices abruptly. Let them know that it’s okay to eat meat, as long as they don’t overdo it.

Include them in gardening activities


It is crucial for children to know how food is being produced. Therefore, teach them how to plant fruits and veggies and give them the responsibility to water them every day. As a result, they will take part in a fun activity and simultaneously learn that it is so much better to grow our food rather than buying it. 

Talk with them about recycling and composting


Nowadays, recycling and composting bins can be seen on every corner. They represent a crucial part of attaining sustainability. So, wake up their curiosity about them. Inform them how harmful plastic can be not only to our environment but also to wildlife. Furthermore, make them aware of the fact that recycling is the only way to get rid of it safely. Moreover, when they finish with their meals, help them develop a habit of throwing their food scraps in a special compost bin.

Educate them through books and documentaries


If your little ones are big readers, buy them some children-friendly books on environmental sustainability. One of my favorites from my childhood days is Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Literature can have such a huge impact on their developing brains and will make them actively think about the subject. Eventually, when they get older, encourage them to watch documentaries. Even though some of them can be boring, find one about a topic they are particularly interested in and watch it together.
A piece of advice: teach your children about sustainability from a young age. That way they will have a basic knowledge of what a sustainable lifestyle is and why is it so important to practice it. Most importantly, let them be part of the battle against environmental destruction.


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