Surprising and uncommon facts you didn’t know about dreams


Dreams are a product of the unconscious, which can often take on the appearance of symbols. Dreams appear in the form of images, which can form stories. If we try to listen to the messages of the unconscious, dreams can send us fears, desires, hopes, conflicts. However, there are some facts you didn’t know about dreams. If you want to know these surprising and uncommon facts about dreams, read on.

At what stage of sleep did we dream?

We dream every night, only that many of us tend to forget what we dreamed. The sleep of each of us follows a regular cycle every night, first a light sleep, then a deep sleep, then REM sleep occurs (in this phase, sleep is shallower) and then the cycle resumes.

Surprising and uncommon facts about dreams:

1.Not everyone dreams colorful

Some studies show that no less than 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white. The rest dream colorful. People also tend to have common themes in their dreams, situations related to school or work, pursuits, difficult running, failures, delays, death of a loved one, flight, failing an exam or a car accident. Until now, it is not known whether the impact of a dream marked by violence or death carries a stronger emotional load in the case of a person who dreams in color than in the case of one who dreams in black and white.

2.Blind people dream too

People who go blind after birth still see images in their dreams. Those who were born without the gift of sight are deprived of this dreamlike dimension, but enjoy dreams as “alive” as everyone else, limited, but their dreams unfold in the range of all other senses: hearing, smell, taste , touch and emotion. It is difficult for a seer to imagine all these things in a dream, but the human brain’s need for sleep is so strong that it can engage all possible situations and physical mechanisms to impose a restful and effective rest on the system.

3.When you dream, your body is “paralyzed.”

Specifically, after the first 90 minutes of sleep, it enters the phase of rapid sleep (REM phase – rapid eye movement), when the release of certain neurotransmitters is completely suppressed. As a result, motor neurons are not stimulated, a condition known as nerve relaxation. This relaxation thus suppresses uncontrolled body movements during sleep.

4.Famous ideas came from dreams

The idea for the ”Google search” came to Larry Page while he was dreaming. The same happened with the periodic table of elements (which first appeared to Mendeleev in a dream). As well as with the alternating current generator (dreamed of by Tesla) and the DNA spiral (dreamed of by James Watson) and the sewing machine. (dreamed of by Elias Howe). And with many other inventions.

5.We only dream about what we know

The human mind does not invent new faces during sleep. The faces we see in dreams belong to people we have seen at least once. Of course, we may not be able to associate a face we dream of with one person. This is because we see hundreds of thousands of different faces throughout our lives and we can’t remember them all.


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