Strict parents and 3 negative effects they have on their children

Strict parents and 3 negative effects they have on their children

In the life of a child, their relationship with their parents is very important not only for their childhood but also for their whole process of growing up since it will affect their personality in various ways.

When you grow up with strict parents, there are some impacts that this will have on your life as an adult and they are not going to be positive ones, and I can tell you this from my own experience.

  1. You may grow up to be a people pleaser

Strict parents have the tendency to establish the rules and then all you have to do is to obey to them. This, as a kid, might not seem like a hard thing to do, but it is what it actually involves that changes us.

Rules, in general, are a concept that we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives. It is not the rules that are the actual problem, but the manner in which they are implemented. I believe that rules should represent the proper way to behave and they should be seen as guidelines, rather than some kind of order.

This is what strict parents seem to omit when they set rules for their offspring. They are now seen as the commander and the children are simply the ones that have to execute exactly like it is told because otherwise they will be punished.

Because of the fear of punishments, children start to act just like their parents want them to and step by step, they will grow up with the impression that all they have to do is to please other people, especially the ones that they see as superior to them.

  1. Your relationship with your parents might have to suffer

After years and years of trying to deal with your strict parents, your relationship with them might suffer a lot and never be a truly good one. But, happily enough, it depends on each one of you and what you actually want. It might be a bad relationship, but, at the same time, it might be one of your greatest surprises and turn out to be a good one.

The reason your relationship is not always going to be a good one is that for years they were just telling you what to do, never listening to your problems, in a lot of cases even denying that you have any kind of problem, ordering around, just being the heads of the house, and they forgot the friendship part of being a parent.

I personally consider that the parents that are trying their best to be their children’s friends first and just play the parent card from time to time, when it is really necessary, are the parents that succeed to have the most powerful relationship with their children and actually help them in their process of developing.

  1. It might make you a strict parent yourself

I know that when you grow up with strict parents, one thing that you promise yourself is to never be like them with your own children. In this way, you avoid reliving all the painful memories of your childhood and help your kids grow in a beautiful manner.

What is sad though, is that it is not always what is happening. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to act as their parents and behave as they saw in their household because it is often misinterpreted as what is right. But it is not always the case. When the environment is toxic in a household, this should be validated, so no one has the wrong image that it might be the right way to behave.


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