Stop forcing people to be happy when they don’t feel like it!


You punk-asses, stop forcing people to be happy when they don’t feel like it just because you feel affected by their presence! Nothing bothers me more than disrespect, especially to those who need help. When I hear a social bitch imposing on someone how to feel because, oh my god, it ruins their feng-shui, it boils the blood in my veins. They all have problems, and they are as varied as people are.

Sometimes, people are deeply saddened by unpleasant events from society, or from their family, or perhaps they have complexes that bother them deep inside. If they don’t confide themselves in someone about what bothers them, their problems build up.

Over time and through a broad process that I will shorten in a barbaric way, depression appears.

We can talk about a form of deep sadness, which is noticeable by the lack of motivation to learn or which generates difficulties in carrying out everyday activities. Severe forms lead to what we call space-out, most often coupled with varying degrees of anxiety. And they prevent the person concerned from enjoying whatever he or she does.

Essential to mention is that clinical depression is a disease in its entirety, caused by a complex of factors. They also include a chemical imbalance in the brain that propagates in the long term, in addition to the other social and psychological aspects.

Due to the loss of a loved one, failure in an activity that depends on an essential aspect of life, the inability to overcome a certain condition or many other misfortunes and situations of emotional discomfort that may occur suddenly in the life of a person, occasionally, a man will choose to shut himself in. And not to express his sadness, anger or fury outside.

But hey, it’s not even a reason to even suffer from depression!

You can only have a more difficult day. This does not make you deserve less compassion or care from those around you. On the contrary, your friends or family should take care of you.

Unfortunately, the world is less and less receptive to such experiences. We see nothing but our own suffering. Even worse, people often deny or invalidate the difficulties of others. I am afraid they do it out of fear. Fear of suicide without even trying to save itself. And worse, the fear of being accused of what all people who resort to suicide are incorrectly accused of – cowardliness.

Many others turn to vices.

Due to the addictive nature of the substances that we consider “creator of vices”, they create a form of Pavlovian reflex. It all stems from the fact that I tell the brain to produce some hormones. Thus people subconsciously attribute the minimum of joy to the respective vice – a fact that underlies many industries.

The conclusion remains the same, unfortunately – stop telling people to be happy when they don’t feel like it!

It is much, much worse and much more degrading than if you were to keep yourself from turning into some human wastes, self-entitled humans that think they’re the only ones alive on this Earth.
The people we are attacking with our own “claims” are very quick to think that they deserve nothing, which is extremely harmful.

Empathy was, is and always will be the key. It is all based on our power to be with those who can’t handle it. So, please, stop forcing people to be happy when they don’t feel like it!

Also, the best thing we can do when we meet a person that we suspect is suffering from depression is to insist. To do it discreetly and without giving the person the feeling of weight or being mentally ill. Consult a psychologist or physician specialized in the field until it isn’t too late. Therapy saves lives.

You should take care of yourself, and, I think we have something that would help you right there! Read it, I promise it’s not wasted time!

Author: Cornea Catalin


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