Still a taboo mentality


I would like to live in a society where you can ask for condoms without the entire queue staring at you like you’re a freak. Unfortunately, the taboo mentality is still going strong.

I don’t want to know, in the first place, how a 16-year-old boy feels when he asks for condoms and we look at him like cavemen. When the worse had already been done, my only silent remark was: „Don’t buy the shredded ones, especially if it’s the first time!”. Because the poor nipper just wanted to have sex, not parings. Who the hell will advise him!?! Here (Romania), there still exists a taboo mentality…

Here, condoms are stored in the back of the checkout

Under the prying eyes of someone with spiders in their butt or closed in a box, secured with anti-theft and anti-f**k systems. This way we’ll have the guarantee that no timid nippers will have the guts to go through all this dance. “Karen, give me the keys to the anti-theft system of these condoms! Give me, you t**t, the price of those with the banana flavor, it doesn’t say on the label!!!”

I’d like to have a mature conversation about dildos or orgasms without the whole class laughing like a schoolgirl on puberty, cracking jokes like eighth graders. Additionally, I would like to live in a society where a student can ask their teacher what fellation or cunnilingus are, and he can answer him maturely, pedagogically, without risk of being kicked out. Unfortunately, that’s it, you can’t ask this from parents who barely went to school. Maybe that kiddo wants to ascend beyond their parent’s condition.

I would like to live in a country where the first reactions are not of hate or indignation about what’s strange and unusual.

I would like to live in a country where you can ask something about homosexuality. Needless to say, Christians shouldn’t harass and LGBTQ’s shouldn’t spit on those asking. A country where you don’t start from the premise of ill-will or adultery. Furthermore, I’d like a child to be able to ask about everything without being grounded or beaten. We need to hide sexuality and its quirks no longer. I would like for people to not leave the sex shops ashamed of themselves. Moreover, a breast doesn’t need to offend us. One day, I hope mothers can nurse their children everywhere, without our carefully directed prude shaming.

I would have wanted to live in this country since I was little. It would have helped a lot to have an adult’s shoulder on who I could support myself and talk about delicate things.
Similarly, I wish I hadn’t learned sexual behavior from porn or incredible stories, told by other dumba**es my age. However, if you want to laugh a little and hear more stories from teenagers, check this article!

Until my dream will come true, we are still a society that stares at what’s different. We hide behind a taboo mentality and throw mud at anyone daring to ask something else: „HEHEHE, condoms!!! Cover the soldier’s head with a helmet, mate!!! HEHEHE!!!”

Author: Sabina Tulai


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