Staying single – put a ring on it!

staying single
staying single

When it comes to us, the single women, we represent the controversial part of societies from the beginning of times. And if you think that the world would’ve been just fine without you, I want to bring to your attention that throughout history, women like  Queen Elizabeth the first, also known as “The Virgin Queen” strived in a world dominated by men. All by herself, literally and figuratively. Now, I’m not telling you to never date anyone again and throw away amy hope and chance at romance, there are some good men in this world, but you don’t need them to be happy. Staying single – this is the solution.

Nowadays, things aren’t so… extreme, but we can life just fine even in the absence of “the one”.

C’meone, think about it! You don’t need to quickly run and hide into the bathroom to put your face on. You don’t have to fight him for not answering that text you sent 5 seconds ago.  No need to worry about the prejudices and judgment of his family. What more could you ask for?

staying single it's for the best

Think about how well you can sleep at night, all the leg room! And no need to constantly fight for that blanket.  You are officially an independent woman. And if you still have no idea why on earth would you choose to live the single woman lifestyle, we’ve got the top five reasons to show you that you are better off single.

You have more you-time

If you thought you have a lot of free time when you were with him, you are wrong. Now you get to make your hair as many days of the week as you want to. You can spend a weekend out of town with your friends, since you are single. Or you could simply read a new book every day. You have time to take care of yourself, to be free and happy in the company of your self-care products and much neglected cats.


You can leave your phone across the room, put on those cozy pajamas and order a pizza that you won’t feel compelled to eat like a lady and you can totally forget about the existence of your ever so pressuring boyfriend.

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone

Aren’t you sick 0f constantly needing to justify why you are going out, to be patronized as if you are 3 years old “where are you going and when are you coming back?” you can leave all of this stress behind and go wherever you want whenever you want. No need to get annoyed because your boyfriend is calling you every half an hour, when you clearly told him you’ll be ready in 5 minutes!

You don’t need someone constantly breathing down your neck, you are just fine on your own

You are nobody’s toy.

Or maybe, you had a bad day and all that you want is to be left alone so you can pull yourself together, you are a girl after all, we are not good with patience. We need time to sort our thoughts out.  So you get to escape the useless process of explaining yourself and get to enjoy your alone time each evening, without needing to fight over the remoter because he is watching football games with the volume up all the way.

No more too-expensive-for-your-wallet gifts

If we’re being serious, when we are in a relationship, we all want to offer our significant other the perfect gift, something that they’ve never received before and definitely won’t ever again. And to do that, you need some serious cash that wasn’t easy to save, because shopping for clothes and make-up is way too tempting.

staying single it's the key

You can invest that money in yourself, to buy that perfume you’ve been lusting over for months or those earrings that have exited the chat because you had to buy gifts for someone else. Now everything can be yours.

Girls night has stopped being fun since your man decided to join you and your friends

Men, men, men… they won’t let us have a single free night. They always want to be the center of attention. And not any center, the center of your group of lady friends!


If we’re single, we can truly enjoy an exciting night out with the girls. You can throw yourself at the cute guy next to the bar, go home whenever you feel like it, without worrying that’ll you’ll be assaulted with questions.

Better single than unhappy in a relationship

Many of us are complicating our own lives with relationships we don’t actually need. Don’t you think that spreading your wings and flying away is better than crying your ass off in your room? Read, sing, dance, whatever you want, just don’t stay with that person that is clearly not right for you. When you’re single, you learn how to respect yourself. You realize that you’re beautiful and that you deserve to be happy.

So, what do you say, you’re better off single, right?

And if you don’t know how to leave him, we also have five break-up reasons and lies men tell. They’re life-changing.


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