Stalking: 3 sure ways to identify it


Stalking is something insidiously dangerous that most people hopefully don’t have to deal with. For those who do, it can become deadly. Stalking happens when a person with obsessive personality traits ‘latches’ onto another person in a metaphorical sense for whatever reason.

Such reasons include extreme jealousy, the attempt to guard their partner, over-the-top paranoia regarding cheating in a relationship, claims of endless love that require them to protect their partner, etc.

They then follow said victim around, they snoop around their social media accounts, and if the stalking amplifies in intensity, the stalker might become aggressive.

When that happens, the stalker might resort to other ways of gaining control over their victim, aside from their ‘regular’ stalking. They might try to attack or even kill the victim, sabotage their belongings (such as slashing tires or keying their car) and harass them on social media (or anywhere else for that matter).

As such, it’s important to identify stalking and the people who are most likely to engage in this bizarre behaviour.

1. Suspicious person seems to be in many of the places you are as well, repeatedly

While this might be a simple coincidence once or twice, when it happens repeatedly and said person seems to also be interested in you (glancing over, watching you, following you sneakily around said place), then it’s an obvious sign that they could be stalking you.

Because of this, you might have to look into who that person is and if perhaps they are being told by a friend or acquaintance about your whereabouts. If nothing turns up, beware of what you post online. If you like sharing (or oversharing) where you go all the time, you absolutely need to stop. It’s dangerous.

2. When interacting with said person, they appear to be infatuated with you – or the polar opposite

Sure, it might be the case that said person simply likes you a lot and is socially awkward, or they might strongly dislike you for whatever reason and they’re not afraid to show it. That certainly can happen.

But if you happen to talk with this person one on one and they declare their love for you incredibly quickly (on top of other weird behaviour, like wanting to be around you all the time and following you around), you might have to steer clear of this person.

The polar opposite of this can happen when you are involved with a stalker’s lover – as a mere acquaintance or friend – and they become incredibly hostile because you simply exist. This type of guarding behaviour is very dangerous and you might have to cut ties with both people. Stalking is sure to escalate in this situation.

3. Unidentifiable person obsessively follows your social media activity

This is kind of a grey area when it comes to properly identifying possible stalking, and it’s certainly being on the right track. There are a lot of bots online and it might be the case that the possible stalker is simply a random bot that is on your page.

In order to suspect possible stalking, said account must clearly be operated by a human (for example, they might try to direct message you or send you pictures). If you notice that this person keeps track of everything you do or post on social media, likes your every post and writes personal comments (or any other similar behaviour), you need to take action.

Most of the time, these behaviours intermingle and you will see a stalker engaging in multiple creepy, obsessive ways. Stalking is rightly identified by many others as being bizarre and weird, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. That’s why you need to look out for yourself, especially in this day and age of massive social media activity.


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