Squid Game – why it is so popular?

Squid Game - why it is so popular?
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I think we all know about the new show on Netflix that was released this autumn under the name “ Squid Game “ .

This series has blown up since the release and it got everyone shook about the storyline, the actors, the plot and every single detail hidden in the episodes.

But I think some of you are still wondering what it is the matter with all this fuss over the show, and I am here to clear your minds: Why is this show so popular?

Squid Game - why it is so popular?First of all, the show has only one season with nine episodes.

Unfortunately,  I don’t think if it will be a second season. An interesting fact about this show that aims at its creator is that initially, for ten years, Squid Game was rejected by studios before finally airing, and now, it is the most viewed and popular show from Netflix in history! I think this is a good lesson to not give up on your dreams when you truly believe in them.

Returning to the main subject, this show deserves all the fame. It has an original storyline and authentic ideas that built the series.

I am going to be honest with you, for me, it was a bit difficult to watch this series because I don’t like the language. Personally, I am not a big fan of Asian movies, but I made an exception for this particular one. I watched it with dubbing in English, and they even have more dubbing, even for those who are like me and prefer to hear another language than the original one, and everything was fine for me.

Besides this little inconvenience, from episode three or four, things will really start to go crazy and you will get attached to a lot of characters.

The series is created from the beginning to attach to certain characters and find out their story and the creator puts them in situations quite common today to each of us to learn a lesson from what will happen in the series.

From the beginning of the Squid Game series, there will be a multitude of clues to pay attention to, some you can even miss because you don’t think that will matter for later, and this is a great thing because it puts your mind to try.

During the Squid Game series, you will wonder what would you do if you were in their place because, at some point when things get tenser and tenser, those people will be put in some extremely unpleasant situations that will leave some trauma behind. In the first phase, you would tend to criticize some of them, but if you stop to think about how you would have done, you would not be far from their decision.

This series gives you a lot to think about and causes you a lot of emptiness in your stomach. The creator deserves all the possible praise for creating this Squid Game masterpiece series.

Last but not least, the chosen actors are on the side the most suitable for the roles played. They show very good professionalism and they transpose you extremely well in the story, having the impression that these things really happened in real life.

I suggest you give the series a try, it is worth it from all points of view. I am convinced that you have seen a couple of spoilers from Squid Game, and I urge you not to look at them all because it is worth watching the series.


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