Spring – 4 stunning reasons why it is healing for the soul


We’ve all been through tough times when we felt like nothing could help us overcome a certain negative period or feeling. And I don’t doubt the last year and a half has been more than we wanted and sometimes even more than we could handle! And I know for sure how disappointing and frustrating it is to have people around you telling you what you should do and what should help you get over that low energy mood. But, hear me out: the only one that could help you is yourself, a good therapist and some time in nature!

Since I am no therapist, I will only exemplify a few situations where spring might help you feel better and ease your emotional burden.

Connecting with nature is amazing for the soul 

It’s been proven that spring is one of the most hopeful seasons. Therefore, getting people out and inviting them to breathe in the spices and flavours and allowing them to watch the trees and flowers in bloom is nothing less than a sort of cure for the soul!

When they regard the beautiful and unbothered nature, people actually become aware of their own place, they feel part of nature and understand that they are not alone, no matter what!

Life goes on

We sometimes feel that a certain feeling or event will overwhelm us and that we’ll eventually be unable to get over it. It’s like the Earth suddenly stops, and we feel that we’ll be swallowed by that dark, unpleasant sensations or state of mind.

But often, when we get to see the flowers, the green grass and connect with nature, we understand how priceless life is, what an amazing gift it is to be alive. More than that, we see that life is advancing and we understand that we won’t be left behind!

Spring is the season of hope

Inevitably, when we get in tune with the vibe a season offers us, we learn how to support and understand ourselves emotionally and mentally. Spring is most certainly a season of hope, a colourful bright period, ready to talk us into having amazing lives and ready to inspire us!

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly inspired by it – especially when I get to see those lilac shrubs, all flowers and perfume!

The strength

We often feel like there is no place to draw power from – we feel like the only source of our strength should be our inner world, but let me disagree with that idea! I know most of us have troubles counting on other people, but it is nice to realize that, in fact, it’s not people who have to support us, but something more stable and impartial: nature!

That’s why I keep preaching about the importance of spending time in nature – it helps us convert the bad energy if we’re very empathetic people, it helps us put our thoughts in order, and it might even be the best advisor when we must make a difficult decision!

All we have to do is get ourselves out there, find a green tree and a few flowers and start to listen to ourselves – because nature also does this amazing thing: it facilitates our conversation with ourselves!

So, don’t take my word for granted! Grab a blanket and a basket of sandwiches and find a nice, cosy place – far from other people, cause there’s still the danger of pandemic – and have a chit chat with yourself and with Mother Nature! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

How about you? Do you like spring and the feelings it brings along?


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