Sport- importance and 3 amazing exercises to try

It may very well be that sport is not your thing. Should that concern you?

Well, hear what specialists have to say about this: “Almost 30% of obesity is caused by the lack of physical activity.”

And no, I am not going to blabber about a specific sport and how it is the only thing able to help you. I am though going to talk about sport as a general term, day-to-day sport, if you will. The “sport” that we do almost unconscious when we have a decently-active lifestyle.

As far as medical reports go, a healthy diet is not the only thing needed in order to stay fit. You need at least 30 minutes of physical activity, whether that is walking, cycling, dealer’s choice.

Most people will say that this is nothing and that they could easily achieve this on a daily basis. But, being honest to ourselves, we all put on a few pounds in the pandemic, and it’s all given to staying at home, especially getting used to the feeling of not doing anything.

A true shame, I might add, but not impossible to fix. This article will focus on giving you insight on the most efficient exercises that you can make at home and do not exit the casual zone as far as difficulty goes.

Casual walking

This Simple Walking Workout Is an Amazing Fat Burner, Says Top Trainer

It may be that walking is not really your deal, but try doing it when listening to music (being aware of local traffic, of course); and try to disconnect yourself from the action itself and focus on the song lyrics, or maybe the feelings you get when you do listen to that particular song.


If you just want to stay fit, I’d say that 7000 steps a day will be just fine, and shouldn’t take you more than an hour, but if you want to lose weight, we recommend stepping up to 10k steps a day. That will burn approximately 380 calories. Congrats, you just became a better version of yourself.


Push Ups Is The Common Exercise That Helps To Get Toned BodyWe are getting farther from the “safe” casual sport zone, but I’d say this should be a piece of cake. Of course, the secret in order for this to work and actually be able to do some push-ups is to do it every day, without missing any day. The first time you’ll do less, but you will slowly (but surely) get up there with the numbers. The final goal would be reaching 30 push-ups per day as a casual goal that anyone (almost) is able to achieve.


Winter: 6 best yoga poses for energy and immunity

As odd as it may sound, yoga can actually be perfect for what people want nowadays. You can do it at home, helps with breathing, and can burn some calories pretty easy (some moves are a bit more difficult than they might seem on television);

No tutorials required in this article; internet is your buddy in this case. There are tons of videos on YouTube to help you get started with your Yoga-practicing journey.


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