Sport: 3 interesting lesser known benefits

We live in a society that keeps advertising sport and a healthy lifestyle – and perhaps now we need to be educated on that theme more than ever. But besides building muscles and keeping oneself fit, there are plenty of advantages when it comes to sports, people don’t seem to mention that much.
In this article, I am about to discuss a few not-so-discussed advantages of doing sport.

Doing sport gives you tons of energy

I know we don’t do it to be more energetic – in fact, if you ask me, we should, but we keep doing sport for the wrong reasons, such as looking better instead of aiming to feel better. But here is the trick – when we move our bodies, our cells receive tons of oxytocin and dopamine, which are, more or less, the hormones that make us feel happy. And whenever we are happy, we are also able to pursue our goals, we are more confident and – you guessed it – more energetic!
How cool is that?

It helps you avoid depression and soothe anxiety

Naturally, sport makes you look and feel better. But one of the amazing aspects is that it protects your mental health, as well as improves it!
You don’t need to take pills or buy some expensive books that teach you how to feel better with yourself, all you need to do is practice a lot of sports!
A side effect is, of course, that your body will feel better, and, you know how they say:
Mens sana in corpore sano (A healthy mind inhabits a healthy body).

It offers you a brighter perspective about life

Most times, when we feel extremely low, we tend to exaggerate the issues and feel as if they overwhelm us.
But the thing with sport is that, because of the dopamine mentioned earlier, it can help you understand better the world around you and come with a pragmatic solution. In fact, yoga instructors always recommend that we do it before taking a serious decision – our minds would be so much lighter and less stressed.
I don’t know if the reasons above are enough to persuade you to keep doing sport or to start doing it, but I know I want a life filled with as much dopamine as possible – and I am sure you do too!


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