Spin the dawn-1 whimsical tale that makes magic seem real

Spin the dawn
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The Synopsis of Spin the Dawn

Advertised as a Mulan retelling meeting Project Runaway, Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Wim waves a whimsical tale about a young girl’s journey of finding the magic within her to compete in the competition of becoming the Emperor’s imperial tailor, and thus win her place at the court.

Having to pretend that she is her crippled brother in order to compete (as women were not allowed to enter) Maia knows that it is going to take more than sheer skill to win against her rivals. But with the help of the magical item gifted by her father-a pair of golden scissors that were known to have belonged to her late grandmother- and the help of the charming and infuriating Court Enchanter, Eden, Maia might find herself becoming everything she has dreamt of.

Spin the dawn

But when her last quest to become the imperial tailor requires her to create three magical dresses for the wedding of the Emperor with the daughter of his sworn enemy, a wedding meant to end the war that has ravaged their country, Maia realizes she might have wished for too much. For the request of the dresses is no ordinary bride’s wish: she is asked to create a dress from the laughter of the sun, one of the tears of the moon, and the last from the blood of stars.

Embarking on a long journey around the world in order to gain the needing items to create the dresses, Maia will find herself overcoming all of her fears and becoming a real heroine. For if the world was too tangled before, she was meant to spin the dawn to untangle it.

Spin the dawn

My honest thought about Spin the Dawn

To be quite honest, I have wanted to read this book ever since I have ever read the description three years ago, but I quite wanted the duology to be finished so I won’t have to wait too long for the second volume. This, and I also thought of this book as being a precious diamond in my existence, shining so brightly, meant to be kept for the dark days when I could no longer feel the light inside me, and I would need a spark to ignite my very soul.

But it has been three years, and I simply wanted for my life to glow again, after so many other recent disappointing reads. Spin the dawn has truly made all of my dreams come true, and more. The writing was magical, the world building was ethereal, and the romance made me tear up at times.

I needed myself a love so pure into my life to guide me in the darkness. The writing style has swept me off my feet from the very first pages, and I knew I will not be satisfied until I read the conclusion. While it is true that the first half was much more enjoyable for me, I found the second half to give the well deserved depth this story needed to mark it as one of my favorite Fantasy Romances of all time. I needed magic in my life, and while Maia started to spin the dawn, I felt the light of the sun engulf my heart and make it beat of magic.

Spin the dawn

I am both scared and excited to read the sequel ever since I was so sorely disappointed with the second volume of Serpent and Dove, but I will take a chance on this one right away, and come back with my thoughts.

I would recommend Spin the dawn to every dreamer out there hungering for joy and magic. This journey will stay with you forever.

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