Spain’s borders will remain closed this summer!


On Wednesday, the 29th of April, the Council of Ministers approved a timetable extending the restrictions on mobility. Spain’s borders will remain closed until autumn.

The Council projected this timetable in an “indicative” and not “exhaustive manner. The specific decisions and dates on the effective lifting of any limitations established during the state of emergency will be determined through the corresponding legal instruments” stated the document that the Ministry of Health signed.

However, this plan is not new.

The government has long been planing a summer without any foreign tourism. According to the ABC newspaper, the institution was already planning such a summer at the beginning of April.

The borders of Spain are also closed for those who want to leave the country, not just for people that want to enter. Without a specific certificate, nobody may travel outside the national territory.

IAG (the International Airlines Group) expects the crisis to spread over several years.

It is becoming increasingly clear to the industry of tourism that the arrival of foreigners will be impossible. The Sepla Pilots’ Union expects flight to not regain pre-crisis levels until 2023.

Spain’s borders closing until autumn is a decision that came shortly after allowing children to spend one hour outside. For more information about the pandemic situation in the country, check this article out!


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