Spain to relax regulations for under 14 year-old children


In mid-March, Spain announced a national lockdown due to the coronavirus. Even so, not all were despairing. Many children were happy that they were not attending school anymore. But this changed when the lockdown extended. Though they were sustaining some form of interaction via the internet, human contact was missing. However, Spain decided to relax some of their regulations!

The new lockdown conditions allow children under the age of 14 to go outside for one hour between 9 AM and 9 PM. They can’t go further than one kilometer from home. Even if public parks are still off-limits, bicycles, skates, and skateboards are allowed. However, the Government left the other regulations in place.

Psychologists agree with this change in regulations.

They say that the lockdown affected the well-being of children and even this little time that they get to spend outside is very important to their state of mind.

“The change of routine, being outside and being in the sunlight – all of that is extremely important,” says Laura Piñeiro, a psychologist and the director in Madrid of the charity Asociación Bienestar Desarollo (ABD).

“There are people living in 40sq m (430sq ft), who don’t have sufficient ventilation or light. If you’re living in a limited space, when you go out in the sunshine that generates a feeling of well-being,” she says.

But what happens to older children?

Health Minister Salvador Illa stated that children over 13 were already allowed to carry out errands for their parents. But most parents decided that they will not send their kids outside due to the high risk of infection.

Confinement causes, however, frustration in many children. Teenagers especially, as they need so e sort of autonomy in the house. “Being enclosed and under the gaze of their parents means they don’t have the basic freedom they would like.”, said Piñeiro.

Spain isn’t the only one that decided to relax regulations. Check this article out to find out more!


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