Spain overtakes China in Coronavirus deaths!

Spain Coronavirus deaths

On Wednesday, the Ministries of Health announced that Spain recorded 3,434 deaths due to coronavirus. This means that the country overtook China in deaths, second only to Italy. Officials also send warnings, saying that Spain has not yet reached the peak of its outbreak.

Among those that tested positive is Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo. She is quarantined in a hospital and is making good progress.

On the other side of the Mediterranean, Turkey faces some potential issues as well.

The total number of infected people rose to 47,610, making Spain the fourth country in the world, behind China, Italy, and the United States. Spain has been under lockdown and in a state of emergency since March 13. The period was supposed to last only 15 days, but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Sunday that the state could be prolonged a further 14 days. We will see how many more deaths Coronavirus will cause in Spain.

Top health official Fernando Simon predicted that the number of cases will most likely grow. Earlier this week, he stated that the peak of the infections was not yet reached. He also suggested that it could come “in a matter of days”.

On a positive note, Health Minister Salvador Illa stated that the government agreed to buy €432 million euros’ worth of medical supplies. The masks, tests, gloves, and respirators will arrive from China in weekly shipments starting from the end of this week.


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