Sorry, I have a boyfriend!

I have a boyfriend
I have a boyfriend

How many times did it happen to you (online or at a festival) to see a beautiful girl that you really admire and you have to work up your courage to talk to her? You’re making plans, you prepare your lines, you prepare yourself mentally. But when you try to speak to her she says Sorry, I have a boyfriend!

Well, I can assure you that this phrase will save you from a lot of hours lost in vain trying to get a girl that is already in a relationship.

Although being rejected is not a nice feeling… You know, when it feels like that person was meant to be with you even before you were born…  Just know that they do it for your good.

Yeah, yeah, I know that even before you said something, you imagine her beside you on a Caribbean beach with a cocktail in a coconut shell in your hand… Yet, you have to realize that there are many other things can happen besides this. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH COSTS A VACATION LIKE THAT? You don’t want a 30-year mortgage because of a vacation with a gold digger, right? I mean, you don’t even know her. Who knows what secrets her goddess-like body hides?

Sorry, I have a boyfriend!

Let me give you an example

Some time ago, I was at a festival and the girl I was with left me alone, looking for her lover in the crowd. After a while, I was bored taking pictures of others having fun and I went on an adventure.

Walking through the festival’s camping, I’ve met some old friends and we started talking. Among these friends, there was a girl that I didn’t pay much attention to.

After the festival, we started talking on messenger. She is from another city. For a week, we talked daily. We sent each other pictures with basically everything we were doing. 


We had some interesting conversations

One day, I sent her a message and she replied with a screenshot. It was a video-call with a guy; then, she told me that she was busy. I thought OK, maybe it’s her cousin who went abroad a long time ago and only has Internet access once a year. However, I asked her Who is that guy? Then, the earth-shattering answer followed: It’s my boyfriend!

At that moment, I felt like I had been living for a week for nothing. I could have done so many things instead of sending her messages or video calling her (I even took a walk while on a video call with her).

I felt like my girlfriend with whom I had a 5-year relationship cheated on me with my next-door neighbor.

After all that, we decided to stay friends, because I noticed that we got along very well.


So guys, the answer, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend!” is not that bad!

It saves you from hours, days or even weeks spent in vain! Okay … when you actually do something productive. Some have a boyfriend until you drive by with some expensive car. In that case, they quickly forget about the boyfriend.


What can you do if the girl doesn’t tell you about the relationship?

You could ask a question involving a potential boyfriend such as “Where does your boyfriend work?” Or “I would like to meet your boyfriend someday!” “Your boyfriend is so lucky!” Or if you really want to, you can ask her directly if she has a boyfriend, without complicating things too much.


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