Someone Great: an honest review

Someone Great: an honest review

Someone Great has a special place in my heart. When I watched the first time, I was in high school, and back then I had a relationship with my first boyfriend ever. I didn’t pay attention to this movie so much back then, but I should have done it though. Let’s start there: I used to be in a trio friendship, it was always the three of us. We used to do everything together and to tell each other absolutely everything. We grew up together, but we’ve got to a point where we had to grow up apart and to go different ways.

Things happen, life happens, and we can’t force anybody to stay by our side no matter how much we want to. Back to the movie and why this movie has a special place in my heart, I watched it with them. It was our thing. We were three, just like them. One of us had to go through a breakup back then so basically she was “Jenny”. We were going through the same things, just like the girls from the movie. Each of them represented one of us.

After some time, it was my turn to be Jenny. I watched Someone Great alone, crying because I finally understood what Jenny was going through, but my girls weren’t there anymore. When I got over every breakup and every failed relationship, I watched it. I wished I would have had the chance to watch it with them just like old times, but it was a good thing for me to watch it when I haven’t been hurt anymore by anyone. It meant a lot for me to watch it again in this position, it showed me how strong I became and how something change and is no longer there; except this movie, which will always be the same awesome movie.


Jenny is in a long relationship with Nate (9 years) full of events, unforgettable memories, promises, hopes, fights. But one day, he decides he is not willing to make the relationship work even though she got her dream job in San Francisco, he didn’t want to pursue a long-distance relationship. Her friends, Erin and Blair decide to have one more crazy night out before she goes to San Francisco. Jenny wants to meet Nate at this party.

The girls have a lot of fun, they drink and smoke and party, they do things they didn’t do before. Each of them tries to cover a trauma from the past. Jenny and her breakup with Nate, Blair who just broke up with her boyfriend – this is a funny story actually, they weren’t happy together but still, they couldn’t give up until one day when they had enough- and Blair who has commitment issues and can’t be in a serious relationship with a girl she actually likes (a lot). Quickly, they realize, no amount of fun will cover these wounds.


I’ve learned that no matter how much you try, no matter how many memories you have, no matter how much effort you put into the relationship, you can’t change their mind. If they choose to walk away, let them. I know you want one more night, one more kiss, one more memory, one more thing. I know you want that closure again, you want answers, you think this is what you need to move on. In reality, you only need to focus on yourself.

Focus on what you want to do in life, chase your dreams, travel, and enjoy your friends while they are still there. Call them and go out there in the world and make it legendary. Have fun, enjoy life because life doesn’t stop because of a failed relationship. At some point, Jenny “dreams” she got back together with Nate and when she woke up she realized this isn’t what she wants anymore. She chooses herself for the very first time in 9 years. This was the right choice for her. Everything in this movie reminds me of my life, so this is why Someone Great has a special place in my heart.

I was in the position when I had to choose: myself or him, and I chose myself and never looked back since then. It’s a hard choice, you’re always tempted to go back but you have to be strong, just like. She had her friends by her side, make this a good sign to take care of your friends. In the end, they are all happy and at peace with the choices they made in life and this speaks loudly to me; I hope it has the same effect for you too.


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