Some countries are reopening and here is how they do it

Countries are reopening

The coronavirus pandemic affected almost all of the world. Most countries decided to lock down after the virus crossed their borders. However, some countries are now reopening.

In the Czech Republic stores are open now and the people can play tennis and go swimming. Austria plans to reopen the smaller shops after Easter. In Denmark, kindergartens and schools will be reopened if coronavirus cases remain stable. The kids in Norway will return to kindergarten in a week.

For Irena Gillarova, from the Czech Republic, the easing of restrictions means that she can return to training at the Juliska Stadium in Prague for the first time since her country locked down.

The athletes have a schedule to ensure only a certain number of people are at the stadium at once. The 28-year-old javelin thrower said that she felt 100% safe and that she thinks that the system is pretty good.

Dr. Peter Drobac, a global health expert at Oxford said that those countries now easing their restrictions were “important and hopeful examples” for the West. “We still have a lot of learning to do about how we are going to come out of lockdowns safely and effectively,”. He said.

Dr. Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe, said that the situation in Europe is very concerning. He also said that Europe remains very much at the center of the pandemic.

A study based on China’s outbreak suggested that coronavirus lockdowns across the globe should not be completely lifted until a vaccine for the disease is found.

Here are some countries that are reopening and their further imposed rules.


Denmark said that it plans to send children back to school and kindergarten on April 15 if coronaviruses cases remain stable. The government said that many restrictions will remain in place and their roll-back may be phased. A ban on gatherings of more than 10 people has been extended until May 10. And all church services, cinemas and shopping centers will also remain closed.

All festivals and large gatherings will still be banned until August and Denmark’s borders will remain shut.

The Czech Republic

Since Tuesday, people have been allowed to exercise alone without face masks. Shops will be reopened from Thursday.  Outdoor facilities for individual sports are also reopening, but only to some extent. No more than two people can be in the same space and they can’t use showers or lockers. Essential travel outside the Czech Republic will be allowed from April 14.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced this week that some small shops, hardware and garden stores will be reopened from April 14. But it will also require people to wear face masks to supermarkets and on public transport.

From May 1, all shops, shopping centres and hairdressers will open. Meanwhile restaurants and hotels will open from mid-May.


The kindergartens will start to reopen from 20 April. A week later, schools will reopen for pupils in grades one to four. “Our ambition is for all students to somehow get back to school before the summer,” said the prime minister.


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the latest coronavirus numbers in her country gave reason for “cautious hope” but warned that Germans must adhere to the current restrictions over the Easter holiday weekend.

Health Minister Jens Spahn said that the country had seen a “flattening out” in newly reported infections, as restrictive measures on public life take effect.

”We want to gradually return to normality — but we are still far from an everyday life as we knew it before corona,” said Spahn.

Some countries are reopening, yet others are just closing some of their regions. Check this article to find more info!


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