Solar Opposites: Why you should watch it?


Here you have a spoiler-free review of Solar Opposites that will maybe convince you to give this show a chance.

As a huge fan of Rick and Morty, when I saw Justin Roiland was coming out with a new show in the same style with the same sci-fi theme and with his voice as the main character, I was understandably both excited and skeptical. The trailer in the truth wasn’t exactly phenomenal and ended up making the show look a little too much like your generic crass adult sitcom.

And I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like crass adults‘ animations as much as the next guy but when you’re operating under the shadow of the comedic phenomenon known as Rick and Morty you’re bound to pale in comparison. And sadly, the truth with this show is that it is impossible not to be compared to its predecessor. The animation is pretty much exactly the same and the lead almost sounds identical to Rick, without the throat cancer.

Solar Opposites – An unusual family of aliens

Solar Opposites

But with all my skepticism I went ahead and gave the show a chance. And if there’s one thing I’m significantly bummed about, it’s that I didn’t watch the show sooner. Compared to Rick and Morty where we follow human characters and their adventures out in space, Solar Opposite centers on a family of aliens from the planet Shlorp and their shenanigans on Earth. They were living in their own homeworld until the entire thing exploded. And so all its inhabitants had to flee to other planets and our leads managed to crash land in a suburban middle America.

Making up this alien family is Korvo, voiced by Justin Roiland. He’s a cranky alien scientist who hates all life on earth and is super obsessed with completing their mission. That mission is to watch over and protect this yellow blob-like creature known as a Pupa. This is a genetic supercomputer that will eventually evolve to consume our planet and form a new Shlorp. But for now, it functions as a cute pet and family baby.

Then there’s Terry, Korvo’s partner. Terry pretty much acts as the fun-loving pop culture, obsessed college kid. He’s not so much focused on the mission as he is on exploring all the experiences that Earth has to offer. And lastly, you got Jesse and Yumyulack, Terry and Korvo’s respectively replicates. Jesse is somewhat the moral center of the show. She has a lively optimistic perspective on humans and their way of life. This is in stark contrast to Yumyulack who is far more cynical about the human race. He’s willing to pull a shrink-ray at anyone who dares to piss him off.

High – class humor

The show mainly takes place on earth for now but you’ve got your absurd creative sci-fi elements. Each episode packs in a whole bunch of fast passed hilarious events that keep you glued to the screen while maintaining a cohesive story. The show offers us a generous number of jokes, pop culture references, ranging from the mainstream to the surprising niche. And a ton of incredibly graphic gory action which is always a fun time for the family. It would be a sin to review the show and not applaud its greatest strength which is really that signature Roiland humor. Both he and Mike McMahan are never out of wit with their character dialogue for each episode.

The script weaves in this rapid-fire snarky sarcasm and pop culture jabs coupled with a ton of sight gags and absurd yet hilarious characters. The show offers nonstop creative and clever comedy throughout its entire 20-minute runtime. Innovative storylines and existential themes are a bonus. But above all else, if an animated comedy manages to be consistently funny and engaging through its episodes and seasons I think it hits the mark. And this series excels in that department while still managing to have compelling dramas and scientific things in between.

Probably not as polished as Rick and Morty’s but still fantastically put together as its own show. So for those who are unsure if Solar Opposites is worth getting hooked on, trust me you won’t regret watching it. It certainly has the potential to offer us more in terms of its themes and story development. But its episodes are incredibly fun and have better-written humor than most of the stuff airing today. I wholeheartedly believe that Roiland’s got himself a new hit on his hands.  


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