Social media: Hiding behind beauty filters


As a society we’ve became obsessed with the idea of perfection. We seek looking perfect in order to live a perfect life. But what is perfection and can we even achieve it? Perfection in my opinion is a concept that simply does not exist. Due to the differences in mindsets and views it is absolutely impossible to achieve perfection. But even if we know that, we are still trying to achieve it. And the biggest companies know this and after carefully studying this desire, they were able to make millions out of our insecurities. Their methods are so efficient that most of us can’t even look at ourselves through the front camera. We were led to believe that there is something wrong with who we are and how we live. And the only way our life can be beautiful is through a filter. The beauty filters.  

Beautiful picture = beautiful life?

After the explosion of social media in the last few years, a photo doesn’t hold the same weight as before. If photos were then a way of capturing beautiful moments and memories. Now they are the confidence meter. After seeing a Kardashian or an influencer on your feed, with their perfect skin, hot bodies and beautiful hair. You go up to the mirror, look at it and wonder, what is wrong with me? I want to be this perfect too! 

It was embedded in our brains that beauty only comes with the skinny waist, fair skin and smooth hair. We see it everywhere and hear it so often that we actually started to believe it. Hating yourself is now the new normal. After creating our insecurities, they are profiting over them, they send the celebrities to promote “love yourself” and “everybody is beautiful”, while at the same time posting edited and airbrushed pictures under the label of “all natural”.  

All those little girls and boys see is that you need a slim-thick figure and abs. All they hear is “come I can get go fixed!” “it’s just a little injection, feels just like a pinch” or “buy me diet tea, it works wonders!” Why promote a healthy life when the tea brings in the numbers? 

By giving them all those solutions, we are actually teaching them that there is something there that needs to be fixed.

The truth behind the beauty filters 

At first beauty filters were just a funny way to put on dog ears in pictures. It was a fun new element on your pictures. But how about the ones that you can’t even notice? The ones that even I can’t take a picture without. I mean they just make your face more symmetrical, your skin smoother and eyes bigger. They don’t do much right? Well yes, they don’t do anything but fix the little things you don’t like about yourself. Just put this filter on and your nose is going to look smaller and your lips fuller. You will look just the way you want! In that picture…but when the filter comes off and you see yourself in the mirror. You won’t be happy with the person you see. 

And I face the same issue just like you, its damaging to my confidence and self-view. I may look pretty online and my pictures are so cute. But when I know deep down that, this isn’t me and isn’t the way I look. So, I want to change that and I want to help you change it too! 

How can we fix it? 

After realizing how damaging those beauty filters are to me. It became a form of body dysmorphia, more specific Snapchat dysmorphia. And not only me, thousands of others even went to surgeons requesting to change their face to look the way it looks with a filter on. When I heard about this, I became concerned for my own mental health and I decided to take matter in my own hands.  

 A few things that have helped along this journey are, firstly looking at myself in the mirror. I know it may seem silly but try it. Every day just look at yourself in the mirror, talk to yourself and admire the things you don’t like about yourself. Remember that you are the only person that was and will always be with you, if it was another person it would be your best friend. So why not make yourself you own best friend? Love all your defects and scars and admire them. If you are not going to love yourself just the way you are, nobody else will.  

Another thing is understanding that what you see online is not real. Surround yourself with influencers that show their bad skin days and the ones that admit that their stomach has rolls when they sit down too. By removing all the Barbie like influence from your life, you will stop seeking perfection. Instead follow people that promote the real beauty, the one that comes in all shapes and sizes. Real beauty is everywhere and in everybody. Every one of you has something unique and special that can’t be found anywhere else. 

So, take a normal selfie once in a while, leave out the filter and don’t edit it. Just post a real picture of your real authentic beauty 


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