Smokers, vapers and drug users – more vulnerable to COVID-19


COVID-19: If you think that only old and sick people are at risk, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is here to tell you otherwise. They updated their Coronavirus recommendations after finding out there’s another category of people that are just as exposed to the virus. Their researchers have noticed that smokers, vapers and drug users are extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus.

Dr. Nora Volkow is the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and in one of her online posts. Her statement was: “The research community should be alert to the possibility that Covid-19 could hit some populations with substance use disorders particularly hard.”.

This is because COVID-19 targets the lungs, putting smokers and vapers in serious danger.

“Vaping affects your lungs at every level. It affects the immune function in your nasal cavity by affecting cilia which pushes foreign things out. The ability of your upper airways to clear viruses is compromised,”. That was Stanton Gantz’s explanation, professor of medicine and director of the Center for Tobacco Research Control & Education at the University of California, San Francisco.

People who smoke regularly are more likely to face complications like respiratory distress syndrome, in the case of a severe infection. The odds to not survive the virus are higher for those who smoke or used to, compared to non-smokers. The information was given by a study carried out in China. Furthermore, smokers have an even bigger chance to develop pneumonia.

As for drugs, they are making the situation even more complicated. Opioids and methamphetamine users are more endangered than the rest. This is because opioids are known for slowing breathing. They’ve shown before how they can increase mortality in people with respiratory diseases.

Methamphetamine can be your enemy too.

It produces pulmonary damage and it is extremely possible that it can cause more damage during the fight against Coronavirus.

Dr. Allison Lin is an assistant professor in psychiatry and the addiction center at the University of Michigan. She declared that quitting smoking is extremely important, just as quarantine is. The effects that smoking has on COVID-19 patients is no joke and it should be treated as the serious matter that it is.

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