Smartphone addiction


Take my word, if you succeed in doing what you proposed, you’ll feel truly free. Use the technology however you want. But don’t let it take control over you. Eyes looking at screens and headphones in ears. Smartphone addiction is officially bigger than drug addiction. We disconnect from reality and prefer online media. I know… Everything seems perfect there. But let’s try to look around us too.

Reality is much more intense than what happens in front of our displays. And I’ll present to you different ways to reduce the time spent on your smartphones and arguments from my experience and how to reduce smartphone addiction.

The first is to actually want this. To realize how much time you spend on social media and how many productive or entertaining things you can do instead.

I used to spend many hours on my phone during the day, and when I had no battery left, I would charge it… And I’d still use it. But the day I finally said “stop”, I picked up a book and started to develop more personally, to discover me, even to love me more. I stopped looking at the models from Instagram and judge myself because I’m not like them. I was able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with my friends without a phone that would distract me. Then, I said to myself that “life can actually offer beautiful moments, but we need to take advantage of every little thing in order to realize that”.

Spending too much time on the internet on social media, playing video games or watching youtube videos can be considered in some cases a form of escapism, leading inevitably to loneliness. If you want to know more about how to deal with loneliness, then check article!

Everything has a beginning that is, of course, the most complicated part. For the second part, we can take advantage of some tricks.

There are some apps that we can use for that. Like: Forest, the one that I used too. Its purpose is the planting of trees, and if you use your phone for those things, they wither. A really neat thing is that you get messages like “Go back to your work”. This app’s motto is straight forward “Stay focused, be present”. The bonus part is that if you install the premium version, the money will be donated for planting real trees.

Cheeky is a free app for Android and iOS. It helps you to collect data about how you use your phone. How many times you unlock it and how many times you access certain apps on a daily basis. If you want to reduce the time spent in front of a tiny display, Cheeky can monitor your progress (or regress).

AppDetox can be download for free on Android. This app sets time limits for how much you can use your phone. Also, it’s able to control when you can use certain apps and how many times you can open them during the day.

Also, you could turn off your notifications, so you won’t be distracted by them.

Create a productive program, so you can fill your time. Some simple examples I used myself are: I started swimming, but you can try jogging, lifting weights or exercises that you can do at home. Find some hobbies like drawing, reading, writing or even playing an instrument. You never know what kind of hidden talent you have. Go into a library, find some books and buy those that can offer you some answers. Feel a real page in your hand, not only those written online. I assure you, it’s something else altogether. Authentic things will never go out of style.

What other advice can I give you?

In the morning, stay away from it for about an hour. Do the same at night before going to sleep. You can reorganize your room during this time. You’ll notice the differences immediately. I’m not talking about the look of your room. Since I stopped using it so much, I’m more interested in my spiritual side. I even started to meditate and read books about this topic. The conclusion I came to is that the things you can discover in the real world are much more interesting than anything you’ll find online, and this smartphone addiction is damaging to the psychic activity and self-esteem.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not objects or people” – Albert Einstein


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