Slanic Moldova, the stunning Romanian resort you shouldn’t miss

Slanic Moldova
Central Park/

Slanic Moldova is a renowned resort situated in the eastern part of Romania, in Bacau county, which is busy all year round.

The earliest mention of the resort dates back to 1757 when the first mineral springs were discovered. Over the following centuries, Slanic Moldova evolved into the touristic city that it is today, withstanding bombing during World War I.

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The acclaimed Romanian writer Ion Creanga treated his health issues here. Another cultural icon, composer George Enescu held his first violin concert in Slanic Moldova when he was only eight years old. King Carol I visited Slanic Moldova in 1911. With its remarkable history and charming landscapes, ‘The Pearl of Moldova’ is the perfect travel destination. Here are some of the things you can do while you’re here!

1. Use the Treatment Facilities 

The mineral springs have many curative properties in an extensive range of illnesses, from ocular problems to respiratory, nutritional, and nerve-related diseases.

Visitors can also benefit from mofetotherapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, inhalations with mineral waters under the care of specialized medical staff.

There are plenty of accommodation spots, from big hotels to small villas and houses you can rent during your stay. Tourists came all year-round, so make sure to make your reservation on time!

Romanian resort
mineral spring/

2. Sightseeing

A walk in the central park, admiring the 20th-century casino and villas has a therapeutic effect on the soul. Surrounded by majestic hills, Slanic Moldova is the portal between the busy world and the undisturbed nature, offering its tourists the best of both worlds.

The mineral spring area is immediately outside the park, with countless paths through the forest that link them. If you keep walking further to the North, you get to the cascade, which is a joy to behold. This natural labyrinth-like structure of the resort turns every visit into something special. I have been there countless times, and I will never get tired of discovering Slanic’s mysteries.

3. Attend Interesting Events

Slanic Moldova houses many cultural and sportive events, such as traditional fairs and expositions. Following Enescu’s steps, Orchestras all around the country come to held concerts in the Music Kiosk during spring and summer.

Good news for the adrenaline junkies: The Romanian Off-Road Championship and the Moldova Rally will take place in and around Slanic Moldova this year.

4. Go hiking

The area provides six mountain routes with varying degrees of difficulty. The paths are marked accordingly, so all you need to do is pay attention to the information panels and enjoy the hike. It’s best to bring your gear, food and water supplies, and a friend or two. A few bears have recently been spotted in the area, so you’d better announce your presence by loud noises to keep them away. Also, make sure you have a charged phone to call the emergency services if you need help.

Slanic Moldova
Nemira slope/

5. Practice Winter Sports

During winter, tourists can go skiing, snowboarding, and sledding on the ski track located just outside the resort. The ski lift system works all year round, especially on busy weekends, so you can enjoy the view from above the city anytime you like.

6. Try the Romanian Cuisine

After all that hiking, a proper meal it’s all you need. You can try Romanian traditional dishes at the restaurants and taverns situated near the Slanic river. The friendly staff will recommend what’s best on their menu and make sure you’ll enjoy your stay.

The animal wood carvings and the cozy interiors will make you feel you’ve stepped into another dimension, where delicious food is all that matters. And who are we to resist such temptation, right?

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are curious about another Romanian travel destination, check out what you can do in Bistrita here!



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