Skincare: how to choose the best products for you

Skincare: how to choose the best products for you

Skincare, if done correctly, can be really fun.  What’s so special about it is that in addition to pampering yourself it’s really soothing and calming as well.  Sometimes people enjoy it as a hobby because having a nice morning and night routine can put them in a bright state of mind, help them relax, and forget about everyday stress.

But not everyone knows how to start building their own skincare routine. When you are a beginner, choosing from a variety of products that all claim to give the best results can be a little overwhelming. If you feel like you may use a little help, here are 3 tips to help you pick the perfect skincare products for you.

1. Read a lot of reviews

Doing some research before purchasing any product is a really good start. Always remember that it’s really important to read as many bad reviews as you can before formulating an opinion about something. You can use the most popular online shops available worldwide to make an impression about the products you want to buy. If you are looking for Korean skincare, Yesstyle is actually pretty impressive. Most of the products have hundreds or thousands of reviews and you can even select which kind you won’t see, the good or the bad ones. If you are interested in western skincare, you can always try Sephora for their reviews.

2. Look for recommendations from beauty gurus or influencers

If you are not sure what to choose, don’t worry! You can always use another opinion. Some of the influencers may also happen to be dermatologists, and you can just follow them online. You can find out their own reaction to the products, which are the best or the worst products in their opinions as well as many advice for different skin types and particular issues to help you understand what everything does.

3. Google the ingredients

If you already have an idea about what ingredients are good or bad for your skin, or even if you don’t know anything at all it’s not hard to look for the ingredients online. There are some sites which have all the ingredients of a particular skincare product explained in detail, whether they are good or bad for your skin, if they can be irritating and what are they used for, to help you choose the right thing for you.

Building your skincare routine on your own may be a little hard at first. If you don’t want to consult a specialist or go to a dermatologist and only intend to use skincare as a hobby, you may find these hacks useful. Remember: always be kind to your skin and make sure that you’re using only products that will benefit you.

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