Sinaia: 3 reasons why you should visit it

This summer, I had the chance to visit a lot of cities and new places, but my favourite place, by far, was the city of Sinaia, which transmitted me such positive vibes and an unseen energy. My trip lasted for 5 days, and during these days, I had the opportunity to visit the whole city, some of the most famous and enigmatic tourist attractions, and I also had time to do some hiking on the Bucegi Mountains. 

With this article, I will try to explain why, in my opinion, Sinaia is one of the best cities and also, mountain resort, and why it will offer you the best escape from cities full of polluted air and modernity. 

Sinaia s numerous tourist attractions 

Sinaia has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist spots. The most popular, and the most beautiful, is the spectacular Peles Castle, which is the former house of the Romanian Royal Family. Once you get there and you will finally have in front you the castle in all its beauty but also the marvelous courtyard, you will feel that you are part of history. Moreover, the path that leads to the castle is so idyllic and enchanting, and is surrounded by a lot of tall trees.  

On your way to the Peles Castle, you will also be able to visit the Sinaia Monastery, the veritable Orthodox cathedral of the Bucegi Mountain, which is situated in a breathtaking setting. 

The center is also beautiful and there you can eat whatever you like or crave and also, there you can find the magical Dimitrie Ghica park, which shelters numerous secular trees.  

You can also visit the George Enescu Memorial House, where you can see where the popular composer produced some of his greatest works. 

Hiking trails 

Sinaia is known as the most suitable city for lovers of mountain trails, because this is where most of the hikes that lead to the most impressive places start. 

Firstly, it is worth mentioning the hike that starts from 800 meters towards Cota 1400 and then to Cota 2000. It is a great but hard hike, suitable for those who love the nature, the green of the forest and for those who love a good hiking session.  

However, if you get tired easily, or you are not adventurous, or you just want to enjoy the great views from up above, the Sinaia Cable Car, or the new Gondola will offer you an amazing journey to Cota 2000 via Cota 1400. From Cota 2000 you can also hike to Piatra Arsa Chalet. You will enjoy a truly special landscape that will cut your breath away and you will also be left with unforgettable memories. 

Fresh air and beautiful scenery 

Sinaia will provide you with some walks which you will remember forever. The city is surrounded by so many trees which will offer you fresh air, which combined with the mountain breeze will be so refreshing for you. Furthermore, it has great and traditional architecture which is combined with modern buildings and restaurants with good food. You really should try the kurtos kalacs from the square. There you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your loved ones, with a great scenery in front of you and you can also feed the pigeons that will gather in the square. 

Finally, if you are in need of an escape of the daily routine or the suffocating cities, you should really take a day off and try and visit Sinaia, you will not be disappointed! 


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