Sike! Your life will never be a fairytale!


When we were little, all of us wanted to be superheros, with main characters, who represented the beauty, goodness and the other virtues, all in one human being and highlighted by the complete lack of flaws. The cartoons were greedy for untouchable ideals. Sike! Your life will never be a fairytale!

Well, as time went by, those princesses and princes from our stories have become witches and kites in specific circumstances: maybe it’s right, maybe not…

Probably, I’m not the only one who realized, after a great childhood in which I dreamed about being a beautiful, soft princess, that I’m more like Cinderella’s step mother: mean, lazy, that’s petting all day a fat, spoiled cat. 

Well, why is this happening?

Long story short, the world we live in is more fucked up than fairy world, where somehow, those perfect people are terribly persecuted and manage to get through this without changing. Snow White had to run away from a wonderful castle where she had everything, to a little cottage, meanwhile her mother was trying to kill her, and afterwards, there’s no PTSD.

If we carefully analyze, those evil characters have features gained after traumatic events. Cinderella’s stepmother is a single mom that lost both of her husbands. 

Life’s fucked up but so are we. If you need more advice about life, try this! I hope it helps!

Snow White’s mother is so confident, isn’t she? She gets that confidence from a really honest mirror. Of course, she may be the most beautiful of them all but imagine if she asked who’s the smartest… There would be 4580 more intelligent people within 10 kilometers. Looking at things from this perspective… their actions are pretty self explanatory. In that wonderful world, there are no psychologists needed. So cartoons may be crazy. Like, why do we need experts to help us with solving our problems and living a decent life.

In our everyday life we won’t talk all the time about traumatic experiences, thank God.

Most of the time, we can call them shitty experiences. But every event of our lives marks us somehow, even if we want it or not. As we studied in psychology class: personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Your life will never be a fairytale, accept that.

Your life will never be a fairytale

I don’t wanna be boring and quote out of my school books so: personality is like a weird substance. Hard as a rock but, at the same time, soft as a baby’s skin. Without excluding some features, we can radically change. We can become those heroic characters, if we want to. But, do we want to?

Personally, after everything I’ve seen in the world for almost 18 years, heroes in Disney cartoons are the latest examples to follow.

Every time I was good and kind and I saw the world as a pink place where the birds sing of my happiness and kindness, I took a kick at the bottom of my life. The cartoons do not always highlight this side.

Anyway, I’m not alone. All the ups and downs of today’s world make us choose to do things we once vehemently condemned. Have you ever imagined that at the age of 17, you would smoke, drink, and so on? I don’t think so.

And if somehow, by the absurdity, you become the good fairy or the prince on a white horse in your story, find out that there are people in the story whose negative character you are. Maybe your goody-two-shoes behavior gets on your nerves, it can give you free and crazy advice. There are reasons for each.

You probably heard that, the road to hell is cobbled with good intentions.

And to end this playing-carg which ruined your childhood altogether: if you look with your younger brother at the cartoons and see that the heroes seem more and more stupid in some circumstances, while you start giving credit to the criminals, it doesn’t mean that you are a sociopath, but that you have simply grown up and that you are a realist.

Congrats! Now you know that your life will never be a fairytale!


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