Shout out to the girls who are never invited to dance!

girls who are never invited to dance
girls who are never invited to dance

This is for us, for the girls who are never invited to dance. For the “invisible” ones. We matter, you know?

Have you ever been to a party and not participate in the general joy? Have you seen how your friends are invited to dance, all kinds of “beautiful girls”, but no one looks at you? It
happened to me. I’ve wondered for a long time what I’m doing wrong. I tried to find my flaws (and I could identify some of them), to find their reasons, to seek explanations. But I stopped when I realized something – maybe I’m just not the type of person who can enjoy parties. That my moment of glory may not be in the midst of a crowd so different from me. Maybe my destiny is another.


If you feel better dreaming, reading, writing or singing in the shower, calm down, it doesn’t mean that you have a problem!

It’s nice to be weird and know that you’re hiding so much mystery in yourself. Do you know what else is beautiful? Not everyone noticing how secretive you are. You may sometimes feel like a shadow, but you are so much more.

Shout out to the girls who are never invited to dance!


I am introverted and, therefore, it is quite difficult for me to express my opinions out loud, even if I do not lack them.

And when I gather enough courage to open my mouth, another person suddenly rises from the corner of the room and speaks over me. People I consider friends do that too. And I got so used to the situation that when I see a group of two people paying more attention to what I say and everyone is watching me, I panic and lock my words deep inside me. Do you know why? Because the trust we have in ourselves is influenced by the people around us. This is for us, for those who can change the world more easily from their room rather than in front of a crowd:


Dear Reader,

This is for you. Because I think you’re quiet, shy and you don’t get out of the shell easily. Because you are soothed and dream a lot. I know that you feel good about being around your friends, but sometimes you prefer to be alone. For you, who colors your existence alone. For you, the one who has enough time for love stories. Now, get to know yourself. Love others so they can love you.


Respect yourself.

After that, all the things you deserve will just come out by themselves. Now you can dance alone – in the rain, in your room, in your thoughts. Later, you will find the right person. You
need someone to dance with you forever, not more people who’ll leave when the song is over. These days are just yours. I know you might feel like you’re a volcano that can erupt at any moment, but try to be strong. And one day, you will – and you will change the world.

Shout out to the girls who are never invited to dance!

You already started to.

Author: Maria Ciurea


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