Short list of Romanian authors you should read (part III)


I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again: Romanian authors are the best. I simply cannot put these books down. And I am about to tell you why. Today I’m discussing about one of the most beloved Romanian authors: Mircea Cărtărescu, Simona Popescu and Ana Blandiana.

  1. Mircea Cărtărescu

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Mircea Cărtărescu is one of the most beloved contemporary Romanian authors and also a journalist. Born in the year of 1956 in Bucharest, Cărtărescu had his debut as a poet. Later, he published more influential novels which brought him glorious prizes. We should mention the “Austrian State Prize for European Literature” in 2015. The trilogy called “Blinding” got him this prize. Then, he got “Premio Gregor von Rezzori” in 2016 for “Abbacinante. Il Corpo” – Voland – Traduzione di Bruno Mazzoni)”. Then, he got “Prix Formetor” for literature.

In Mircea Cărtărescu’s works, you can also find titles like “Why we love women”,

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“Solenoid: Roman” and “The Levant.” I know, I know, they may sound peculiar at first sight. But after going through a read, you will understand that those are alluring books to lecture.

  1. Simona Popescu

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She is best known for her bestseller “Exuvii” (1997). For this one, she was distinguished with the ASPRO (Asociația Scriitorilor Profesioniști din România – The Writers’ Union of Romania) Prize in the same year. Simona Popescu has fastly grown in people’s eyes as they all found themselves in the fiction genre book. The critics describe it as “a novel of childhood”.

Source: Goodreads

Simona Popescu has also written “Juventus și alte poeme” (1994), “Noapte sau zi” (1998), and “Lucrări în verde” (2006). Currently, she is an associate professor at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest. She graduated with a master’s degree in 1987.

  1. Ana Blandiana

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Ana Blandiana was born in 1942 in Timișoara. This is a city that holds the memories of a revolutionary and reformative era for Romanians. A city that recalls the events that happened in the tough winter of 1989.

Ana debuted in Tribuna, where she signed for the first time under the name of Ana Blandiana.

She published many volumes of poetry. Among them, there’s “Waves’ Architecture” in 1990, “100 Poems” in 1991, and “The Drawer with Applause” in 1992.

Ana Blandiana became an influential figure in literature. She was named “one of the leading contemporary Romanian authors.” She got again in the public eye in 2020 for being nominated for the Nobel Prize of Literature. Romanians have high expectations for this nomination!


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