Shiny, healthy hair: 5 useful tips that really work

Shiny, healthy hair: 5 useful tips that really work

Achieving healthy hair it’s quite a challenge. Sometimes we find out that even if we don’t stlyle it with heating tools and we are trimming it regularly our hair still look lifeless and we are dealing with split ends. It can be quite frustrating. And most of the time it’s not even our fault. There are a lot of factors we can’t control, like the sun and the level of pollution which contributes to hair damage.

But there must be something we can do about this. The same we treat our skin and take really good care of it with a lot of serums, essences and moisturizers, our hair needs some help too, in order to look at its best.  My hair was always quite difficult to work it, and even brushing it was a complicated chore. That’s when I realized that I might need a little help and I started to pay more attention to it. I warn you, pampering your hair can be really relaxing and addictive.

Here are some easy hacks for shiny, healthy hair that really work for me.

1. Use a hair mask

If you also feel like hair conditioners aren’t enough for our dehydrated strands and they don’t make such a big difference , you might want to try a hair mask. Even as a lazy teenager I really enjoyed using one. My ends tend to look better after I use it and I felt like my hair is softer and easy to brush. I think it’s really worth it.

2. Let it dry naturally

I know that sometimes there is just not enough time for this and the hair might look a little bit funny if we let it dry on it’s own but I found out that my hair it’s actually smoother and shinier when I don’t use a blow drier. And the most important, frizz-free. I didn’t dry my hair like that for quite some time and I like it better this way. Brushing my hair it has became a pleasure, too. But I only have bad experiences with blow dryers, so if you have a really expensive one that lets the hair smooth and shiny and also  has the option of cold air, that’s really amazing!

3. Shampoo only at the roots.

This is something I just found out recently. I didn’t understand why my ends looked so chaotic and brittle when my hair was finally dry, and really tangled too. If you shampoo only your scalp and then rinse, it reaches the ends too, but in a more delicate manner.

4. Always use heat protection

When you style your hair it’s really important to use some kind of protection. Either it’s a spray, a mousse or a cream, I think they really help. My hair used to smell like it was burning  and it is really common when you don’t prepare it first. When I finally decided that I want to get rid of that annoying burnt smell I also discovered that my hair didn’t look as damaged as before. It’s a win-win.

5. Don’t use hair oil before you style your hair

Do your hair a favor and never do this mistake. After some research I found out that I was literally frying my hair.  You are supposed to use hair oil after you are done exposing your hair to heat, to help keep it in place and give it a more healthy appearance. Using it before isn’t going to do you any good.

Because my hair used to be curly, coarse, and really really hard to brush, finding the perfect routine for it was really hard because I was also pretty clueless in the beginning. These are some things I discovered that work for me after many experiences. Do you also happen to know any amazing hair hacks?

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