Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

Shiba inu are really loved around the world. Their unique cuteness and brave heart are the main features that makes them stand out. We simply can’t get enough of them.

Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

Shiba are a type of dog that originated in Japan. They are usually recognized as having orange, brown, black, and white fur and a curly tail. These little fluffs with a charming nature, that even trot when they walk, are a pure bliss. But apart from their optimal body shape and absolutely lovable appearance, have you ever wanted to learn some more about them?

Here are some interesting facts about them that we’ll keep you fascinated.

1. They were originally breed for hunting

It is known that these handsome midgets were supposed to be versatile hunters.  They were expected to hunt in the mountains and may go after boars, birds and- the most surprising-even bears, as it’s the most common thing in the word. There’s no mystery that they possess a brave heart.  It is also said that shiba inus were once trained by the Ainu people for their traits that favor them to be among the most suitable Japanese breed from which emerge amazing hunters . They also have the honor of being known as the breed which best resembles wolfs.

Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

2. They are stunning, no to mention strong!

Apart from their cute nature, shiba inus appear to have quite an imposing frame. They also have strong developed muscles and a thick coat of fur which help the withstand cold temperatures. They are also really agile and alert, making them the perfect watchdog.

3. Their name is a mystery

Apparently, the name of their race translates  to ’’ brushwood dog’’ after the regions where it hunted. They also have the tendency to run throughout brushes when they’re following birds and small animals. Another reason may be that their fur and the plant share he same fiery color. Some even argue that their names may actually mean ’’small dog’’ referring to their size.

4. Their silliness is what makes them so adorable

They are not considered the drama-queen of the the dog world for nothing. Shiba often express human-like reactions and have personalities pretty similar to us. Their attitude it’s also a catch- simply too adorable to ignore! These dogs just acting spoiled and fooling around have conquered the internet.

5. Many agree they are more cat-like than other breeds

They kind of have this adorable vibe, chubby cheeks and cute features . But apart from this, shiba inu have proven to be quite independent and even hard to train. They’re also very clean and like to groom themselves more than everything. Can you imagine them licking their paws like cats? Now this is an image that is guaranteed to make you melt.

Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

6. They are kind of a mascot in Japan

There is no one out there who cannot recognize that the shiba inu is a true symbol of Japan. They are so appreciated  for their  sweet and charming appearance that there’s even a popular brand of toys featuring this race in Japan. Mameshiba is well known for their sweet products which makes us melt.

7. Shiba Inu are the most loyal

They are well-known for loving their owners to the upmost and never abandoning them. If you ever thought about getting a shiba, just remember that you’ll have a companion for life. There are popular stories about dogs who never gave up on loving their masters, like the  touching story of Hachiko. Also Mari, the dog who saved her pups and her owner in 2004, when an earthquake struck the village of Yamakoshi in Japan.

Shiba Inu: 7 Amazing facts about them

These dogs’ prideful and tenacious nature, combined with their little temperament makes the shiba inu the most entertaining breed to have. After you choose to indulge yourself in their cuteness, there is no cure!

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