Self-care: 6 reasons it’s not always a beautiful thing


We often associate the term “self-care” with face masks, bubble baths, and binge-watching our favorite shows the entire day. Basically, it represents a break from our daily routine and problems. And although that is part of the self-care process, in reality taking care of yourself is a much harder job. Here are 6 not-so-beautiful aspects of self-care that are very important.

  • Pushing yourself to finish your work

We know a self-care period to be the time when we ignore all the work we have to do and keep pushing it aside while trying to relax. In reality, the thing you should be doing is going to be on your mind more than ever before. Avoiding stress is really going to make you even more stressed as the deadline approaches.

However, putting the time, energy, and focus into doing and finishing your work is a much more rewarding process. Taking care of yourself is not letting your potential slip away and putting all that talent towards your future. Whatever you have to do means a step closer to a better future.

At the same time, pushing yourself to do your chores is just as important. A clean environment can really lift your mood and make you more motivated. Even if you don’t feel like doing them, they are important for your mental health.


  • Cutting ties with a toxic friend or significant other

Pulling yourself out of an environment that is not good for you sometimes feels like the hardest thing to do. Even if you feel it weighing you down, you can’t help but stay in the situation. There are many reasons people stay in toxic situations, but the bottom line is: if something is bad for you, you have to put yourself first, pack your bags and leave. I am aware that this is easier said than done, but self-care means no longer putting yourself in situations that make you unhappy.

Your everyday happiness depends on you. Leaving does not mean you’re selfish, it means you know your worth.


  • Sweating through another workout

Society tends to glamorize and romanticize a beautiful physique and an active lifestyle. In reality, that requires a lot of constant self-work. And naturally, we all want to be comfortable and to appreciate our bodies. So, I’m sure most of us have tried starting a workout routine multiple times in our lives. However, maintaining the routine and pushing yourself to work out every day is an essential step to achieving that goal. Self-care means not letting yourself fall back into a sluggish lifestyle and making yourself actually put in the work towards being fit and healthy.

After all, we’ve all been told that exercise releases endorphins which “trigger a positive feeling in your body”, improving your overall mental state and health.


  • Forcing yourself to have a sustainable sleeping schedule

Sometimes we feel like the nighttime is the most relaxing time of the day, a time when we don’t feel the pressure of doing day-time tasks. However, in having that mentality, we ignore the fact that having a normal sleeping schedule is one of the most important aspects of having a productive day. If you have to get up early in the morning, you’ll feel tired and miserable the entire day, and if you don’t have to get up early, you waste half of the day in bed. Going to bed and waking up at a reasonable hour is a total game-changer and a massive step towards what self-care really means.


  • Saving up your money

We often think self-care is about spending money on things to make ourselves feel better. That the amount of money we waste doesn’t matter when you treat yourself. Even though treating yourself from time to time is not a bad thing, spending your money in a healthy manner and even saving up is much more sustainable long term.


  • Having a healthy meal plan

Finally, one aspect most people skip over is what we actually put into our bodies. When, in reality, that’s what fuels us every day and in everything we do. Therefore, what you put in your body affects you more than you would expect.

As long as you make a schedule for yourself, and stick with it, you should be relieved of the stress of overeating or undereating.

Therefore, in reality, self-care is accepting your flaws, improving yourself when you can and, overall, it is forcing yourself to be the best version of yourself. It is not pretty, it is not easy, but it is essential. And don’t be so hard on yourself with the things you can’t change or find hard to change. Everything takes time.


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