Selenium – 4 amazing health benefits


Another great health supplement that you should start taking.

If you didn’t know, your body already has some selenium, exactly in the skeletal muscles.

If you are against taking pills, then you can already found it in a multitude of foods. You can eat foods that have various amounts of selenium in them (seafood, meats, or Brazilian nuts). However, selenium supplements exist and are a life-saver for the people who deficit from this mineral.


Selenium for the thyroid

If you suffer from the thyroid gland, then this might be your salvation.


Some studies suggest that people that suffer from thyroid diseases have a low selenium level in their bodies. By taking some supplements you regulate those levels and as a result, your mood can be improved. So, say goodbye to the bad moods.

As someone who suffers from thyroid, it is a lot nicer to take something more natural to help my body stay healthy and which also helps me more.

However, more studies are needed to be conducted before the doctors start to prescribe to their patients. Do not throw your prescribed medication just yet.


Selenium for the immune system

Another advantage of it is that it lowers your oxidative stress from your body (another advantage on its own to be honest), meaning that your body can better fight off the bacteria or germs that attack your (now not weak) body. Therefore, you have a lower risk of inflammation which then leads to a better immune system.

Furthermore, studies look into a possible link between people with a low selenium level that suffers from various diseases (HIV, influenza, tuberculosis) and people with a higher level that are not ill.


Selenium for beauty

If you wish for healthier hair and nails then go to your nearest pharmacy and take some selenium.

If your nails are brittle and you have split hairs you need a supplement to take care of your problems. The good news is that it is the best tool for your problems: it helps the living tissue break out from your body because as you might know: they represent dead cells.

Of course, if taking pills is something that you despise and you want to be more” natural”, foods that are rich in this mineral should suffice.


Selenium against cancers

And voila, the best motivator is the reduction associated with not developing certain types of cancers (breast, lung, colon, and prostate).

There is a catch, though. Some studies seem to show that only foods rich in this mineral work against this. Taking pills seems to be useless.

Unless you already have cancer. Then, pills may help reduce the side effects experienced by chemotherapy. But you should take it if your doctor prescribed it because it may interfere with some medication.


Possible health risks

Any good part must have some spoiled hidden sides.


It is almost impossible to overdose from foods that contain selenium but there is another story if we take into consideration the pills.

The overdose that came from pills can lead to kidney failure or even death.

You should stop taking the pills if you feel fatigued or you observe that your hair is falling or your nails are brittle. Another bad symptom that you should take into account is a garlic-like breath or a metallic taste in your mouth.

You are the best person that knows your body. If you feel unwell, stop taking the pills.

But if you respect the daily dosage you should be fine and can rejoice in the advantages that this miracle mineral gives to your body. Are you ready to give selenium a chance?



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