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New cases Florida

15,299 New Cases Confirmed in Florida on Sunday

Florida has reported the largest registered in a single day in an American state since the first infection was confirmed in the U.S.According to...
Spain and Portugal close borders coronavirus outbreak

Spain and Portugal close borders due to Coronavirus outbreak

We can say that the situation is really bad in Europe. Spain and Portugal close borders due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Portugal is suspending...
Bill Gates

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft’s board

One of the greatest masters and founding fathers of tech decided to step down from Microsoft’s board of directors. The decision was announced Friday...
Coronavirus Deaths

Coronavirus could cause 600,000 deaths in Turkey

According to a Turkish healthcare professor, Turkey could have 600.000 deaths from coronavirus, due to a lack of intensive care units in the country....
Harvey Weinstein

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, confirmed with Coronavirus while in jail!

Harvey Weinstein, who is currently serving his 23 years sentence, might have been infected with Coronavirus. Read more about how the movie mogul got infected👇

Trump came back to the White House after 3 days of...

After 3 nights of hospitalization and intense treatment at the Walter Reed Hospital, Donald Trump came back to the White House. The first thing he did was take off his mask!
Battle With Coronavirus

Russia’s Battle With Coronavirus: New Dark Record

Coronavirus cases continue to increase in Russia and the President declared the country did not reach the peak just yet.
Donald Trump racist

”To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” actress criticises Donald Trump...

Lana Condor, the actress from the Netflix teen-movie "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" doesn't hold back from calling Donald Trump racist, even...
Boris Johnson in intensive care

Boris Johnson, now in intensive care because of the coronavirus!

Only 10 days after he was diagnosed, the UK Prime Minister is now admitted to intensive care since his condition worsened.

FIESTA – That’s how IZ*ONE takes back the stage!

IZ*ONE's comeback is absolutely extravagant and conquers the world with the help of FIESTA, one of their songs. It was originally set to release...

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