Scented candles: how they improve your mood


Scented candles are a great way to add warmth to your home, changing the overall atmosphere if infused with a wonderful scent. Scented candles are able to liven up any cocktail party, add a romantic aura to a candlelit dinner or help you escape to a happy and peaceful place.

How to use scented decorative candles in your home

Candles are a very elegant way to add the finishing touches to any room. Use decorative candles in subtle, delicate colors for a fine and stylish atmosphere; or bold candles in bright and vibrant colors to really make a sensation and take any decor out of anonymity.

Candles are extremely versatile, come in a variety of styles and look great in any room. In the bathroom, for example, they will recreate the atmosphere of refuge and disconnection of a spa. The candles strategically placed in the living room, make it a space that seems more intimate, more comfortable and adds a touch of refinement, leaving the feeling of an interior designed with increased attention to detail.

Two or three scented candles on the kitchen table will always be on hand to light when you drink your coffee in the morning, and most importantly – they will help you get rid of the smell after cooking. You can also use the candles outdoors on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden to keep insects away or simply to create a special atmosphere in the warm summer evenings spent outside.

How to use scented decorative candles to improve your mood

Belonging and solidarity – Candlelight expresses support in difficult times or solidarity with a particular cause. In this context, among other benefits of candles we can call the light of good that shines over the darkness of evil. The flickering of candles brings relief to those who have gathered together, gives a sense of belonging and draws attention to the victims or the cause.

Time for the soul – Creating rituals in the privacy of your home gives you a sense of security and stability, influences your mood, or calms you down or energizes you. Make it a habit to light a scented candle or two when you do your skin care routine in the evening or when you drink your morning coffee. Try to stay away from the TV / phone in these few moments, so that you can focus all your attention on yourself, to give yourself a few precious moments with yourself, about yourself.

For the two of you – Although it’s the decor and company that make the difference between a simple meal and a romantic dinner, a few lighted candles help: they add sparkle and elegance to the moment, add a touch of magic, and the dim light of a candle means the pupils dilate in an attempt to capture more light.


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