Scared of your future? Do something!


How much do you invest in your future in the life that you wish for? Do you spend time traveling? How much time do you spend working in order to live in that house with a pool that you wish for? Scared of your future? Do something! 

All children have come to wish for what is possible by doing the impossible

Come on, we all remember those moments in middle school or even high school when we dreamed of the most beautiful car, the most attractive boy and the most expensive ball dress. That damned dress ended up in the back of the drawer.

You wasted your time, you dreamed but didn’t fight

Did you know that the average human spends 8 years of his life on social media? About 3 hours a day looking on his smartphone and laptop only to satisfy his “needs”. Not doing anything productive or fighting for his future, of course.

Scared of your future?

Let’s not forget about people who barely read a book or an informative article. No, it can’t be that hard to open a book sometimes but technology gives us a simpler way, we do not live in such an advanced era of technology for nothing.

It doesn’t matter at all how you do it as long as you do it.

The majority of Romanians prefer to stay in their zone of comfort rather than to progress

More than half of Romania’s population prefers to remain in the system’s cage and to go to a poorly paid job. They don’t want to see there’s a way out. Get out of your comfort zone, talk with friends, relatives, even teachers. Ask for advice that can help you and constantly learn from the people around you. Change your poorly paid job. You can take accredited courses if the faculty or high school doesn’t help you change your life. With them, you will get hired in the desired field, satisfaction will appear in your life, and not forget the salary that will motivate you to succeed.

Any small gesture can change your life

In my case, the desire to have a place where I can practice for the faculty changed my path. It has made me invest time in my future, leave that extremely toxic area and help you with these ideas. I discover POV21, the family that changed my life for the better. It gave me power and extremely high confidence.

Scared of the future after graduation?

It made me realize that all that glitters is not gold and, and that together with a strongly bonded team we can change lives.

We can even lift mountains. For a simple writer, you can go far, you can work and love alongside a team. You can color your life even though, sometimes darkness appears in your life.

I recommend you, dear reader: get out of your comfort zone, go out and show the world that you can fly if you open your wings. POV21’s doors are open to anyone and the other NGO’s should be proud to welcome you.

Financially, we all seem to wasted money thinking about the future, but temporarily we’re not well. We forget to heal our wounds and we run from responsibilities.

If you want to become a writer, then write, read. Success comes with a lot of work, but not with extreme sacrifices.

Do not give up on your time!

Many people confuse success with the constant feeling of drowning in continuous work. You should know that a karaoke night with the girls or watching football with the boys can actually be good for your mental health. I will not even bother you about the physical benefits. Everyone needs time to heal, relax and recreate.

Do you remember that night? The night when you saw that handsome boy standing in the corner or that girl that smiled you? That night should only be yours. Forget your phone at home or throw it in a bag and live for a night and the next day start with new powers.


You invest in your future by reading a book, not breaking the keyboard from your laptop, playing LOL or other games that do not bring you a beneficial gain.

A constant need to work

I can sincerely say that I am a workaholic and everything in my life is reduced to work, work and work. I remain stuck there and I do not stop until I fall asleep. 

Do you want success?

Then you can stop thinking that if you read a few things about that field, you will succeed! Never!

A daily minimum required for achieving your goal is 4 hours of work every day. Obviously, only for that passion. But never more than 60 hours a week. That can bring more serious repercussions. Memory loss, impossibility to concentrate, constant mistakes in tasks, and last, but not least, a more boring life. Yes, I know many of you don’t care how many friends you have if you’re sure that you will have many zeros in your bank account. But what do you do with them if you are alone and your life becomes an amalgam of solitude?

Long hours in front of the laptop, at your desk or in the street of a park must be over.

You invest in your future time but don’t forget about your soul and you will triumph that way.

Author:  Laura-Ștefania Bîrgăoanu



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