Save the animals, save the planet, GO VEGAN!


For years the vegan diet has been a hot topic of debate. Some believe that is too limiting and unsuitable for the human lifestyle, others strongly defend it by laying out the environmental benefits. As a result, in the last couple of years, the number of individuals who “converted” to veganism has skyrocketed. However, it seems like many people still aren’t convinced that our planet is crying for help and the time to take action is now. Here are three reasons how animals’ products negatively affect our planet and why the vegan diet should become a priority. 

Water waste 

A vegan diet is considered the ultimate solution when it comes to ways to conserve water. It is only logical that animals would consume more water than plants since they are living and breathing beings. However, the dairy and meat products use up an alarming amount of it in their production process. For instance, to produce one glass of cow milk you will need around 131 liters of water, while one glass of oat milk requires only 9 liters of water. 


Rearing livestock takes up enormous areas in order for the animals to be properly raised, bred, and later slaughtered and prepared for consumption. That, of course, has a devastating effect on the environment. Taking into consideration that the animal husbandry is responsible for up to 91% of the eradication of the Amazon forests, it is safe to say that the this industry is among the main problems that cause deforestation. Livestock farms are taking a serious toll on our forests. It is only a matter of time when the lungs of our planet become utterly destroyed. 

Air pollution 

When it comes to air pollution, meat and dairy productions are again one of the main culprits. Animal agriculture produces frightening levels of greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane. When released in abundance, these gases warm up the planet more than they suppose to. They cause the planet to overheat, hence, causing global warming. 

Veganism is a powerful weapon that can help us combat climate change and diminish environmental destruction. Cutting out products from animals and eating more often vegan food can have a great positive impact on our planet. No one is forcing us to make changes overnight, but making a small sacrifice is always a good start. 



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