Russia’s Battle With Coronavirus: New Dark Record

Battle With Coronavirus

The Moscow Times reported on May 2 that the number of COVID-19 infections in Russia surged by 9,623. The official number of cases in the battle with Coronavirus is 124,054. Also, today’s new infections marked a new one-day record increase.

This week, Russia surpassed China, Turkey, and Iran regarding the number of infections.

On the TV channel Rossiya 24, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Thursday that he had been tested positive for the virus. Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin has extended the national “non-working” month. The government extended the lockdown of the capital city Moscow up until at least May 11.

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President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia has not yet passed the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak. “The situation remains very complicated… Russia has managed to slow down the spread of the epidemic, but we haven’t passed the peak yet,” the President declared at a conference with the governors.

During this period, Russia has public holidays going on, from May 1 to May 11. However, three days (May 6 – May 8) should have been workdays during normal conditions. Mr. Putin declared that they will be non-working days as well.

I think it’s right to declare these three days [May 6-8] non-working. Thus, the non-working period will extend until May 11,” he said. He called for every citizen to be “concentrated, disciplined and mobilized” as the battle with Coronavirus continues.


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