Running: 5 reasons why it’s so important for us


Running is not only a pleasant activity but also a way to keep fit and healthier. Running strengthens muscles and bones, and it is a wonderful workout. Read on to find out why is it so important to run!

1. Running develops a competitive spirit

Running is an individual sport, but even this helps us to be even better teammates. Encountering difficulties alone, we appreciate the others’ help more, so it is good to train in a group. Teamwork, even in individual sports, is beneficial to each member because even in everyday life, you can have better days and less good days, and those in the group are with you at every step. At the same time, running helps you discover your limits, but it also teaches you to overcome them, leading to better personal awareness.

This self-knowledge can also be beneficial in everyday life because it helps us be attentive to the needs of those around us, makes us better at work and more open to new projects. In conclusion, running urges us to overcome ourselves, but also helps us improve relationships with others.

2. Running helps you sleep better

Runners tend to adjust their sleep schedules so that they maintain a high level of running performance. In addition, running promotes a better quality of sleep, which means that you will sleep better during the long night.

3. Morning running can help you reduce stress

Experts say that when we set up a jogging session very early in the morning when in the city and the park it is very quiet, we can postpone all the pressures and worries of that day, and we can focus on one task: that of running without our attention being drawn to other factors. In this way, we can reduce stress.

Usually, summer mornings and spring mornings have the perfect weather conditions for jogging as early as possible. Because the temperatures are lower, the morning jogging sessions are more comfortable and give you energy and, in addition, do not require the application of a lotion or cream with a sun protection factor.

4. Running contributes to a good immune system

Most studies show that 15 minutes of running a day has amazing effects on the body’s immunity. Physical activity also improves brain function and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

In addition, if you run every day (or several times a week), you will have the opportunity to enjoy your victories every day, with the satisfaction that every day you work to keep your body in the best shape. For good health and energy boost, run every day and keep in mind that quality equipment will help you reach your goals more easily.

5. Running can be the best personal development course you can do.

Those who make running a habit develop or strengthen three of the behaviors associated with people who have great results:

  • The results appear as a result of sustained effort. Any personal or professional goal has behind it a goal of developing a new behavior or skill. I want to have more money, clients, happiness, etc. I want to be a better father, a better manager, a better professional. All have to do with changing and adopting a new behavior. Or, to become stable over time, we need about 90 days.
  • The limits are only in our minds. Those who run marathons started with shorter distance runs. No one ran the marathon directly. How many marathons could you have run so far in your personal or professional life? Running longer and longer distances, the message we give ourselves is that our potential is very high, practically unlimited.
  • Taking responsibility for what we do. How many times I have said a “Tomorrow I will …”! Tomorrow has come and nothing has happened. Do you agree that running is good for your health? Then why don’t you start this today? Is it too cold or too hot outside? You don’t have the right shoes? Don’t you have a place to run that gives you safety? Don’t you have anyone to run with? Don’t be a couch potato anymore and do it!running


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